Turkish Angora cat-breed under the magnifying glass


Most appropriate term for defining characteristics of the Turkish Angora cat is “capable”. Smart and powerful at the same time. Caution: don’t confuse Turkish Angora with Angora. The Turkish Angora cat is the original breed. It is the result of Turkish-American cooperation. She called Turkish to distinguish itself from the breed created in England. And which named Angora.

Short history

This cat attracted the attention of the royal houses in Europe. This cat has become a symbol of social status. Although it is one of the oldest breeds, today it is almost unknown. It is the origin of many other races: Persian, Tomorrow Coon, Norwegian Forest.

Your views divided into her origins. Some say it pulls out of the western area of Turkey. Around Ankara, whose ancient name is Angora.

Turkish Angora

Others think the cat is from the southern Caucasus. From there it spread by merchants’ caravans. Americans believe it comes from the cat, domesticated by the Tatars. They would have arrived in Turkey through their migrations. They brought the little felines with them.

The cat has become increasingly rare in Turkey. In the rest of the world almost disappeared. The Turkish government has put the national cat under protection. Thus, the export of Turkish Angora white cats was strictly forbidden. At a national level, those who had this cat called to contribute to her preservation.

The specimens collected in the zoo in Ankara. Later in Istanbul. This created the basis for breeding and protecting the breed. But a serious mistake made. Only white specimens tracked. Cats from a white and colored parent are healthier. There is no deafness in the case of chickens coming from only white parents.

In the 1960s the Turkish Angora reintroduced into the US. From the zoo in Ankara. The Americans committed to promoting the race. They crossed white specimens with colored specimens. At first, only white copies accepted in the contest. Colored specimens were later recognized and appreciated. Turkey considers this breed a national treasure. It continues to preserved

Character and personality

It has a strong instinctive character and great intelligence. It is perfectly suited to life with a man. But he respects and keeps his personality strong. If the Turkish angora lives in a family, she chooses a person. She will enjoy all her attention.

The better it treated, the more it manifests its affection. The more joy it brings to our lives. She likes to always be with that person. But he also asks for more love and attention. Often the cat touches them tenderly with their paws, cheeks. I sit on his shoulder or get to his neck.

But they do not lie in the lap. She sneezes and ashes the master if he does. She likes to speak with her beautiful voice. Comment on the owner’s actions all the time. The Turkish Angora

again Turkish Angora

thinks it’s her duty to get involved in all the house’s actions. The master loved with deep devotion. Instead, ask for the same thing from him.

The cat interested in everything that concerns the master. It has to be present, whether it works on the computer or makes it clean in the bathroom. She attends and supervises. It must accepted, even if she sometimes gets confused.

Otherwise, the cat will feel injured in her sincere feelings. She participates in all family activities. Turkish Angora has a lot of energy to play. Run through the house with an imaginary prey. It does everything with skill and agility. He climbed onto the kitchen cabinets. It’s a stunning jumble. Take part in all family activities.

To keep her in shape she needs movement. She likes high places for sleeping. From there it also has the observation tower. Turkish angora is a very sociable cat. She must have a company.

He understands with dogs and other cats. When a baby is born, the cat knows that this is a “human kiss”. She will take care of him. Both female and male are some outstanding parents. The result is healthy and robust kitten. They raise not problems.

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Shape-very well-proportioned in all aspects. Elegant and elastic. It gives the impression of an always graceful move. Males are bigger than females.

 Head-shaped “nail”. Wider at the top, slightly sharpened to the chin. Of medium length. The right long nose, on an easy, no-stop slope. The jaws are narrow, conical.

Big eyes-almond and expressive. Colors is clear and pronounced. All colors allowed.

Ears-long, wider at the base, well covered with hair. They located very high. Vertical and high.

Medium, slim and graceful neck.

The long, slender body with finely and well-defined muscles, perfectly harmonized. Delicate features without deviations or interruptions in flowing lines. The skeleton must be fine.

Long legs, longer ones than front ones.

Small toes, round and tangled between fingers.

Tail-long and thick, wider at the base, thinner at the top. It is well tattered. It held below the body but does not touch the ground.

Medium-length coat with a smooth, smooth texture, slightly wavy on the belly. Does not have a puff; it changes with the season; achieves the best quality after the age of three.

Color – still disputed; White is the traditional color. All colors allowed, including all white varieties.

Turkish Van

A relative of the Turkish Angora cat is Turkish Van.

Turkish Van

It’s a very special cat. Both behavior and appearance. They are very loved by the breeders. They characterized by a soft, short, waterproof coat. Being unique in the domestic cat’s world.

Extremely active, playful and curious. They are tricky cats. I can get into trouble because it works under the impulse, without too much analysis of the situation. Sometimes they can ruin things in the house or stay stuck somewhere.

Precisely because they always have to run, cherish or see something new. These cats are not recommended to those who will order absolute peace in the house. Van Turkish is a non-conformist cat.he Van Turkish breed is also distinguished by the water attraction. In the vicinity of the Turkish lake Van still, there are such felines (which are currently protected).

They can observe swimming with the greatest pleasure. Their fur helped them stay dry. Despite their independent character, they will be strongly attached to the masters. Asking for affection and worshiping any kind of play.


If you do not have a cat, but you want one, Turkish Angora or her relative, Turkish Van is advisable. Provided you are totally committed to it. It’s a lovely cat and brings a lot of joy in the house, a lot of love.

Elegant, royal, strong and volunteer. Such a moving cat gives the impression of flying. The slender and fine body, followed by the long, with the fringes fluttering. It’s a beautiful cat.

You have cared but it is a lively cat and involved in all family actions. For those who want a Van cat, it recommended buying a chicken, the adults being very hard to move from one place to another. It attaches profound to masters and hardly undergoes sudden changes.


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  1. So nice to have an easily consumable explanation on turkish angora cat.  I can attest to the fact that this is a must for all pet lovers to read. I have heard about the turkish angora cat before now but I haven’t tasted its benefits this much. Infact this is the most comprehensive article i have ever read on this topic.

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative and insightful knowledge.

  2. I’m happy to read this lovely post about Turkish angora cat. Am a fan of cat lover,  my cat is my best friend. I would say it’s an eye opener. I also love the way you highlighted your points. I have been following your blog posts for a long time because your posts are always educative and I must tell you this is not an exception.

    Thanks for the post and the information review. regards

  3. Am a cat lover and currently I have a beautiful Russian blue breed. I have always wanted a partner for it, at least for companionship. Thinking of which other elegant breed to bring home.

    The post as really make me decide to go for the Turkish Angora. The description of it’s fluttering and elegance has already captivated me. I will! Surely go for the kitten as its established they don’t  do we’ll moving about as adults.

  4. I do not have a cat currently, as my Maine coon passed on a couple of months ago. I was really attached to her and I thought I’d just take a couple of months to grieve about her demise.

    The Turkish angora looks really beautiful, and I’m in love with her eyes. She truly looks like royalty. When I’m ready to get another companion, I’ll certainly consider the options of adopting one.

  5. What a beautiful looking cat. It looks very similar to my cat which is a Norwegian Forest Cat. The same slim body and fluffy tail but my cat’s face is a lot more fluffy. It sounds like the Turkish Angora has quite the personality and is devoted to one person. How amazing is that? 

  6. Hi there! I just finished reading your page all about the Turkish Angora. Me and my wife have been cat lovers for many years now. Although we only have the one cat, we have 5 or 6 others that visit our house from the neighbourhood! It’s surprising how word gets around in the cat community!

     I’m not surprised that this cat attracted the attention of royal houses in Europe, its absolutely beautiful. What a fine looking cat that is. 

    Although I’m not looking to own any more cats I have certainly enjoyed reading about them on your website. You have a long term reader here and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Kind regards,


  7. each cat is dainty in its way, ‘but each breed differs from the other; thank you for following my posts and thank you for your comment. Indeed, for me the cat is the best friend

  8. Thank you for your comment; I also have a post about the blue of russia; if you want to take a companion, you do not go wrong with Turkish Angora

  9. The Turkish angora is the white cat which is from Ankara. Is the original breed.they are smart and powerful cats although it is the oldest breed which now has new breed of the Persians, Norwegian forest.the Turkish angora has very close relative which has similar features which is the Turkish  the Turkish angora and Turkish van are very socialable cats  

  10. I’m sorry for your loss; I’ve also lost many cats in 33 years since I grew them up; you have another cat as soon as possible, but think it’s different; thank you for comment

  11. truly Turkish Angora is dedicated to a single person, even if he loves everyone in the family; thank you for comment

  12. Thank you for your comment Andrew; I’m glad to find out that I’ve won a long-term reader; I’m still in the process of training, but soon I will publish more often

  13. Thank you for your comment Donas; Van Turceasca cat is among the few cats that love water; I have one

  14. Hi Carmen! I have wanted a cat for a couple of months. I initially focused my attention on Angora cats. But I knew very little about the subject.

    Lately I have also started to research about Turkish Angora cats and am grateful I found your review. Based on what you have described here I prefer a Turkish Angora cat than a Turkish van. And I almost have even made up my mind to purchase a Turkish Angora instead of an Angora. Very useful post! I appreciate the historical facts!

  15. I can’t have cats because of allergies but my daughter has cats.
    This is a beautiful animal and I’m sure she would love one.
    It’s different from the two cats she has right now, but I’m sure she would be interested in getting a Turkish Angora cat.
    It’s good that they have great personalities and is the kind of cat that is sociable and wanting to be around people.
    It just looks so much nicer than any other cat I’ve seen before.
    I’m curious as to their life expectancy?

  16. Thank you Henry  for your comment; I hope I’ve been helpful; there is not much difference between the two breeds, but Turkish Van loves water to madness, which is rare among cats

  17. Thank you for your comment Rob; Turkish Angora is a home cat breed. So her life expectancy is between 12-18 years; depends very much on the way it is groomed and maintained;

    if you like cats, there are cat breeds for allergic people; for example Sphinx;  no fur; very loving

  18. These cats are so adorable. Thanks for sharing this info on the related breeds. I have a cat and i sometimes wonder if I should get him a friend but I know some cats can be territorial. You’re choices are great and I’m going to do some more research on them to see if one of them could be a good match for my kitty. 

  19. thank you for comment Jen. 
    you’d better take a companion; it may be more difficult at first, but in time they will love; have you thought what he’s doing when you’re gone?

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