Tzuky, my male cat

my cat

I write stories about my cats in chronological order of their appearance in my house.

Tzuky, my male cat came to us in August 2002. He was about six months old.

One day I received a visit from a friend, also a great lover and savior of cats. But she lived in another city, so she came to see her sister. He passed by me too.

Appearance in my house

When I invited her into the house, I noticed that she had a bag. There was a stapler in the bag. She told me she found the bag at my door. Maybe the children from the neighbors put it on, who knew we loved cats a lot.

But my husband told me, after she left, that he didn’t think he had found the bag at the door. He assumes that she saved him, it is not known under what circumstances. But being from another city, it was quite complicated to take him home. He still had a lot of cats at home, that wouldn’t have been a problem. So he brought it to me.

He immediately became Tzuky, my male cat.

The poor male cat was slightly injured and was missing three fingers from his right front paw. It was an unhealed wound.

I took care of him and took him to the vet for a thorough checkup. Fortunately, he had no other health problems.

Soon after, the wound healed.

We love cats very much and we always treat them nicely, feed them properly, play with them, pet them and let them do what they want. I like to think that all the cats we have had and still have, feel good about us.

Tzuky looked like a stray kitten. But he immediately adapted to his new house, although we still lived in the block. Space was not very big and we only left very few of our cats outside, about two or three. I didn’t let Tzuky out.

I have a few photos with him, here is one of them. 

my cat

He was a little asleep.

Life on the block

Tzuky lived in the block from August 2002 to November 2003. In January 2003 I castrated him, as this prolongs his life and makes him healthier. That’s because he wasn’t leaving the house.

He befriended the rest of the kittens I had. He was a gentle, loving and playful kitten. I had a series of toys and sisal, so he didn’t get bored. He was never asked outside. He used litter, it was very clean.

His best friend was Tony. Here is a photo of the two.

my cats

The days passed one after the other, without incident. You were expecting some incidents. But all my kittens are very nice and understanding with each other. Friends bonded with each other. Moreover, when the cat was pregnant, there was always another to help her. Including at birth and raising puppies.

After the relatively short period, he lived in the block, we moved into the house. About moving, I wrote in other posts in the category “personal stories with my cats”

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Life at home

We moved in November 2003 to the house with a yard and garden. In the first winter, I only kept all the kittens in the house. I did this so that they would get used to the new house and because I was already on the verge of winter.

In the meantime, I arranged the yard and the garden. So in the spring, everything turned green.

  my garden

Slowly, the kittens started to leave the house. It was something new, so they came out carefully, little by little.

I don’t know if you know how a cat inspects new and unknown places. She doesn’t hurry at once. Make bigger and bigger circles to get acquainted with the new environment.

Finally, they all dared to go out in the yard. Interestingly, the last ones who came out were the ones we left out of the house when we lived in the block.

Tzuky was very happy to see himself in the yard and the garden. The sun was gentle. So he could be lazy. Or run for butterflies. To play in the garden. For a while, I didn’t have any problems. Summer and autumn passed quietly.

As it is known, curiosity kills the cat.


From spring to late autumn I used to play in the evenings with my cats and dogs.

On the evening of November 6, Tzuky was very affectionate. He hugged me all the time. After it happened, I thought I had a feeling for the next day.

It was a bad day the next day. It was the day I lost two kittens: Tzutzu and Tzuky.

At 6 a.m., Puppy, another cat of mine, returned home beaten. He had left the yard. I immediately called the vet and treated him, so I saved him.

In the afternoon I found Tzuky under my car, lying down. I immediately took him to the yard and called the vet again. He came immediately, he lived near us. But unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything for Tzuky. It went out a few minutes after the doctor left, in my arms. He was brutally beaten, but I don’t know by whom. I suspect a neighbor, who had pigeons, and who kept them in the aviary. But I’m not sure.

Tzutzu also disappeared on the same day. But I know absolutely nothing about his disappearance.

Tzuky’s time with us was very short. He was still quite young when he went to the cat’s nest.

After this sad incident, I proceeded to secure the yard, so that no kitten could escape. All my life, my husband and I regretted that we did not insure the yard from the very beginning when we moved. Especially since one of the main reasons for the move was a freer life for cats. I lost four kittens until I did so.


I told you this story to learn from my mistakes. The cat is an intelligent animal (the conformation of its brain is 90% similar to ours). It is a loving animal. If treated properly, she will always return home. But you can’t protect her from the dangers that lurk everywhere in her prime.

My advice is to keep it safe. If you live in a block of flats, don’t leave her out. Go for a walk with her on a leash. It gets used easily. If you live in the yard, make sure you do everything they can to escape. If you keep your cat safe, you and your cat will have much less stress.

I would be happy to leave you a comment on which to tell me about your experiences. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



20 Replies to “Tzuky, my male cat”

  1. Touching story about Tzuky but sad ending. I really like cat and always want them around. Reading about them is also something I’m fund of. They’re lazy but funny at the same time. Those are the two thing I like about them.

    I’m not a vet so I don’t know a lot about castrating animal. Therefore, The castration part kind of sound a bit unfair to the cat, I think.

    Thanks for sharing Tzuky story.

  2. Hi Carmen,

    I don’t own a cat myself, but my son has one, The cat seems to be quite housebound, but I know that most often cats are wandering the neighborhood, but always returns home again, to where they are being fed and cared for.

    Is there a way to train a cat not to roam around? Cats have a very different behavior to that of dogs and also different personalities, I have discovered.

    I would really appreciate if you could give me some pointers in this regard.


  3. Thank you for your comment. I’m not a veterinarian either, but I’ve had a life with them. Everyone says the same thing: I prolong their life if you castrate them. Those who live alone in the house cannot fulfill their “mission”, those who walk hai hui will no longer fight for supremacy.

  4. Thank you for your comment Andre. Dogs are very different from cats. I give an example: the brain of the cat is similar to ours in proportion of 90%, of the dogs, no. I have both dogs and cats. But I love cats much more than dogs, due to their independent, voluntary nature. That’s why cats are almost impossible to train. Dogs always want to do as I please lol.

  5. Hello Carmen, the story of Tzuky is really touching and i feel sorry hearing about his missing fingers, i can imagine the pain he must have gone through during that process. I really hope there would be more care for cats out there in our society knowing fully well how wonderful they can be when you have one as a pet. I hope to adopt a cat someday

  6. Thank you for sharing your story about Tzuky. I’m sorry to hear the way that he was treated, both before he was with you and when he got out. It is sad that people will not think twice about mistreating an animal. I’m glad that you were able to secure the fencing in your backyard to prevent something like this from happening ever again. Thank you again for writing the post. 

  7. Hi Carmen, I enjoyed Tzuky’s tale, very sad end though. I don’t have a cat myself but both my sisters do – one has six toes on a paw. My sisters cats all live with dogs and they never fight, in fact the newest dog is just a puppy and is best friends with one of the cats. I love the different natures of cats and dogs, in general cats are much more independent. I will try to pop by your site for more cats’ tales.

  8. Hie 

    Thank you very much for taking time to tell us about Tzuky, i know it might not have been easy after losing him. I think you must have had a great bond and affection for him i know i would. How  did you cope after his loss.

    I have noticed that you also keep dogs at your home. How do you make sure that they always get along. 

  9. Hi Carmen

    This story touched me in a number of ways.

    Your adventures with Tzuky and the way he came in to your home and interacted with you and your other cats was very heart warming and brought a smile to my face. On the other hand, the story of his passing and it’s circumstances made me both sad and angry in equal measure.

    I own a cat called Louie. He’ll be 2 years old in July and we got him and his sister, Rosie, from a friend and work colleague of my Wife’s when they were 8 week old kittens.

    Sadly, Rosie passed away at 6 months – the victim of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). Losing Rosie to such a terrible illness was heart breaking and I can’t begin to imagine how I would feel if she had been murdered, as poor little Tzuky was. I don’t use the term murdered lightly because in my opinion, that is exactly what happened to him and Tzutzu and almost to Puppy who had a very lucky escape.

    We still have Louie and he is in wonderful health and beautifully affectionate. Thankfully, he’s quite wary of strangers because there are some very sick, cruel people around.

    How anyone can do such things to a defenceless animal is completely beyond me. 

    I’m sure that even after all these years, the pain doesn’t completely go away.

    I hope you don’t blame yourself. We’re all always so wise with hindsight but ultimately it’s whoever attacked your cats in such a cowardly way who is to blame – not you.

    I hope the many happy memories you have of Tzuky, Tzutzu and your other kittens give you some comfort.

  10. I liked reading about Tzuky, it sounds like you looked after him well. I’m very sorry to hear about his passing. I had a very affectionate male cat when I was growing up. He loved to sleep at my feet beneath the bedsheet, but he was definitely the boss and if I tried to move, he’d let me know he wasn’t happy. Cats can be lovely companions, but in my experience, male cats are more affectionate. Perhaps I’ve just never met the right female cat.

  11. Hello Carmen, Thank you for sharing this beautiful story about tzuky, I really enjoy reading through, though its painful that you lost tzuky,  this article has taught us cat lover how to protect our cats for danger and predator, I have always love cat amd this is because I grew up with my grandma mum who love cats and made me live them as well, I have five cats at home at the moment and they are just wonderful together.

  12. Hey, your story about Tzuky was an interesting one but with a sad ending.  Your neighbor would have understand that Cats are definitely not evil, mean, or vindictive by nature. Cats are cats. They do what they do because they are cats. Like people, each cat has a unique personality. Having some one cat killed because you hate cat is not a good idea.

  13. Thank you for your comment. If you adopt a cat one day, I hope you get one from a shelter. This way you will save a life and you will have a grateful and loving companion. Cats are very smart, you just have to know them.

  14. Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, there are many people who hurt cats without thinking. I understand that they don’t like cats, but I don’t understand why they don’t ignore them. It is said that the degree of civilization is also determined by the attitude towards animals.

  15. Hello Michael. Thank you for your comment. I also have dogs and many cats. There has never been a conflict between them, on the contrary, they are friends. They wash each other and play together.

  16. Hello. Thank you for your comment. I really have dogs. They live in good agreement with the cats, wash each other and play together. To reach such a thing, I initially socialized them with each other, with a lot of patience and love. It was worth it considering the result.

  17. Hi Richard. Thank you for your comment. I was impressed by your comment. I’m so sorry for Rosie. Good thing Louie is healthy and you can enjoy his company. But take great care of him. I have had and still have many cats. But everyone has a place in my heart. With each I have precious memories.

  18. Thank you for your comment. Male cats may be more affectionate. But I have a different opinion. All cats are equally affectionate if you treat them properly. In my experience, cats give you exactly as much love as they receive.

  19. Hi Jomata. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear you have five cats. I’m sure they’re wonderful together. But please take care of them. I was pretty ignorant when I lost Tzuky. I thought that those who do not love cats, ignore them. But the cruel truth is different.

  20. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, I thought that whoever does not love cats, ignores them. But it’s not like that at all. I hurt them knowingly. My opinion is that this disqualifies them as people.

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