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Today I will give you some useful tips about cats. I will tell you about cat discipline. Then about the problem of excessive vocals. About what we did when we brought a cat in the house where a dog already exists. I hope you find interesting these useful tips about cats.

Discipline the cat

Unlike the dog that can be trained, the cat cannot be disciplined besides a few tricks.

The dog lives in hierarchically organized packs. Man uses it. It is placed in the forefront. So he becomes the head of the group. Obtain it.

Cats form groups only when needed. This arrangement is based on respect for the territory. Not at all on the respect to the boss.

Generally, people make many mistakes in cats education. It compares the behavior of the dog with that of the dogs.

Do not try to educate the cat using physical punishment. You will only manage to fear yourself.

The cat can learn good manners. She can use data from her innate behavior.

The cat hates surprises. She gets bored to watch every move.

To stop a cat from an unacceptable action is enough to make noise. Bend your hands or say NOT decided. It is important to use the same “tactics” every time the cat has an unacceptable action. But it must be done immediately. A delay as small reduces the effectiveness of the gesture.

If your cat wants to bite, I advise you to impress your face with your palm and say NO.

Another method is to think of the cat as a child. This way you can prevent any unfortunate happening. Food should be stored in closed boxes. Dangerous or breakable objects are placed in secure places. Heavy objects, ex a shelf, must be fixed. The meat can be thawed in the cold oven, not the buffet.

The cat must be taught by the little one with what he is allowed and not allowed to do. He does not tolerate his


The cat eat  grass

cat eat grass

when it lacks certain nutrients. Indicate it would be to cultivate the grass in the pot. So the other plants in your house will get rid of cat visits. Great attention to cat poisonous plants. Inform yourself before planting the house.

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Excessive vocals

Some cats are innate tongues. For example Siamese and Siamese Metis.

Is an opportunity for them to be heard, meow. When they are hungry, thirsty, or when they want to play.

The main reason why cats live is that they can get different rewards from the owner of cats. That’s how they were taught. So they develop an excessively gagging behavior.

But with little effort, he can be educated.

First, you have to accept that your cat is very vocal. Many landlords are amused by watching conversations between cats. Or char they talk with their garrulous cats.

If you upset the cat vocals, you need to take action. First of all, let’s notice the situations where the little feline finds a reason to be heard. A clear record of these situations must be kept. Lose more during the night? Before Meals? When watching your favorite show on TV?

When she digs during meal preparation, the cat anticipates that she will receive a treat and try to get it as soon as possible. The quiver of the little quad can be quenched by leaving croquettes in the saucer. Under no circumstances try to silence the cat by giving him various culinary attention. This will accentuate the unlucky vocal behavior.

When cat cats excessively when you are focused, busy, it requires attention. She’s eager to mess or play.

In some cases, the cats are constantly lying down and the owners return home. They anticipate that they will follow mangroves or play sessions.

In both cases, the cat must be taught that they do not get what they want. For this, the tender moments and the sessions of care must be limited only to the moments when the cat is silent.


Being nocturnal animals, very active, cats probably feel the need for a pet. Leave a lit night light or even a small volume radio. In addition, before you go to bed, do your time to play with your cat. So the little feline will be quieter. Plus it will maintain a better health condition.

They can lie down at night and starve. Leave them croquettes overnight.

It takes only a little patience to teach the cat to express himself more slowly.

I personally do not have this problem although I now have 18 cats. They are quiet, but they always have food at their disposal. And they have lots of tenderness. During the summer, he runs through the courtyard night. In the winter they borrowed the human biorhythm.

The cat and the dog defy the laws of nature

You have a dog but you want a cat. But you’re afraid they will not understand. Eliminate fear and inform yourself. If you know how to act your success is assured, your dog and cat will understand.

Animal behavior experts say cats and dogs who have not had the opportunity to know other species need help to get acquainted. More help than those who have grown together.

The dog is extrovert. Being curious is the interaction with the cat. But this is often confused by such insistence. At best, it remains defensive.

The cat is usually solitary. Even if it keeps a lot of other family members (whether people or other pets).

Owners need to observe some basic rules when they want a cat in the house. In which a dog already lives. This prevents the emergence of problems that can lead to insecurity or fear. Or to develop a state of permanent aggression.

Yet they can be very good friends.



Practical steps that can help in such situations:

1 If your dog is not trained, it is time to change this situation. A tasty glimpse it usually receives is enough after doing what it was asked for. The attention will be taken away from the new intruder.

2 Once you know each other’s smell (eating each other on a closed door), you can keep them in direct contact with a controlled environment. Both the cat and the dog will receive a glimpse as a reward. They will stay at one family member. In opposite corners of the room. Eventually, soak up the smells, mix them. With the dog in the leash. It is very important that the first contact is for both a reward experience. That I can live and enjoy. This step should be repeated to the belief that there is no risk of aggression.

3 The next step is to get the animals closer. With the dog in the leash and the cat in the arms of the one, he’s used to. If the dog intends to change his position you repeat the command to sit or sit down. Immediately reimburse the execution with words of encouragement or a glimpse. If you delay the reward, the dog will not associate it with his behavior. If the cat gives signs of restlessness or fear, it increases the distance between them. Try it later, gradually and with great patience. In the end, the cat and the dog must get so close that they can smell each other.

4 Do not argue or punish the dog all the time against the cat. Char if it does not always behave appropriately. If it does not associate something positive or motivating with the presence of the cat, it will develop a redirected aggression. Very dangerous when you are not present.

5 For better control of the situation, you can keep your dog in the leash. Cats walk freely through the house but secure access to some high places in the house. She can run without being reached. To be sure the cat is not in danger when you are away, the animals have to stand apart.


The cat cannot be trained but can be disciplined. With patience and gentleness. If it’s too vocal, with little tricks you can reveal it.

Dog and cat friendship can be both natural and cultivated.

I have presented the useful steps when you want to bring in a cat and you already have a dog.

From my own experience. When, I moved to the house I had many cats. I took from the block three stray dogs. It lasted for three weeks until I had the courage to leave them alone, unattended.

I would be happy to know from your experience, please leave me a comment.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

22 Replies to “Useful tips about cats”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful article. You have provided some useful tips and explained the behavioral characteristics of the cats. Both cats and dogs are adorable and can be good friends. I never had cats or dogs but I saw a few of my relatives used to have cats in their house. They were very fond of cats. I enjoyed reading your article. Thanks for sharing your tips from your experiences. 

  2. Hi Carmen, thank you for your blog on looking after cats.  Firstly I am most impressed you manage to keep 18 cats and 3 dogs under control, wow.  As both my cats have passed away in the last two months, I am looking at firstly getting a puppy for my son, and then later adding a kitten to our family.  Your advice on how to integrate a dog and cat together is very useful as this was worrying me, I will certainly be following your tips. 
    My one cat was incredibly vocal and now I realize I did most things wrong and encouraged her to meow, still I loved hearing her. 
    Great information, thank you, Denise.

  3. Having no confusion, your post is so important for cat lovers. Maximum time it seems bad feedback anyone wanted to keep cat and dog in his house. I have a 2 dogs. One is big and another one is small. I love cat too much. Knowing that my friend give me a cute little cat as a present. But I was worried to keep cat and my dogs together in my house. By reading your tips I come to know how can I keep them in a discipline. Thanks a lot. I will follow all steps which you have included in your post. But I have a question that my big dog is so aggressive. Is it harmful for my lovely cat? Waiting for your answer.

  4. Hi Fahim
    Thank you for your comment; maybe in the future you think about taking a cat, a dog, or both

    all the best for you


  5. Hello Denise
    I’m sorry for your loss, I really know what it means
    If you take a kitten and puppy you have no problems with
    integration; you can take them suddenly, it’s a lot easier after that

    all the best for you


  6. Hi Zihad

    Thanks for comment; As far as your question is concerned, here’s my answer: it depends where you live that aggressive dog; if you keep he in the house it is impossible to keep the cat too; if you keep it out in the cage, keep the cat in the house;  I don’t think the dog is trained since you say he’s aggressive

  7. So, this article really touched me in a warm place. Yes, I LOVE CATS. They are just warm, fuzzy, adorable, lovable creatures. But, as you stated sometimes they do need discipline as they can be so rude. But we still have to be careful about how we discipline. Similar to a child we want them to learn what is be=ad behaviour but it is also good to reward them for good behaviour.

    The video with the two talking cats was amazing. I could not stop smiling. Not to mention the picture with the kitty and the dog – SUPER CUTE. They are such amazing creatures. It makes you wonder how you could ever live without them.

  8. This is definitely useful information. I like dogs and my wife likes cats. We don’t have either one of them yet, but eventually we will and we can use all of these tips to help train the cat and have the cat and dog co-exist in the same house. Thanks again for this information!

  9. Hi! Your post has been useful. I recognize that a mistake I have been committing is comparing cat’s behavior to that of dogs, and expecting them to learn the same way. I understand now that dogs organize themselves in packs and cats only form groups when needed. So their ways of learning things are different. They must be taught differently.

  10. Hello Stacii

    Indeed, I too ask myself if I could without them; I’m glad I made you smile.
    Thank you for your comment
    all the best for you

  11. Hello Jeremy

    Thank you for your comment; it’s great when you have your dog and cat; nothing compares to this; it’s something to work with, but you’re rewarded

  12. Hello Henry

    Thank you for your comment; cats must be treated differently from dogs, they should be taught differently; I say this from my own experience, because I have cats and dogs too


  13. I completely forgot cats existed until last night my friend reminded me he had cats and I had them at some point of my life. Weird that I blanked it out though. I believe cats can be very aggressive and training is needed. Then I also believe they can be very passive and calm.I had one f each and it went from one extreme to the otter. 

  14. Thanks for the comment Linda. If you behave properly, cats are not aggressive at all; maybe you made something wrong

    best regards

  15. Hello CARMEN, Your tips are very useful for cat lovers. I learn from your article, the cat can learn good manners. She can use data from her innate behavior. Another method is to think of the cat as a child. This way you can prevent any unfortunate happening. Your article helped me very much to know about cat. You listed each in details. Your tips helps me to adopt a sweet cat.

  16. Thank you for the advice on cats and I can tell you that I admire you. How you have managed to keep so many poppies and dogs under your control. and keep it clean and tidy where the cats sleep. My sister has two dogs near me attacking cats so we don’t keep our cat close to dogs so they won’t hurt her.

  17. Hiya Carmen

    Thank you for your article with useful tips about cats, it was interesting as I have 3 cats here, a mum and her twin daughters. They all live outside because I am allergic to cats. I didn’t get them by the way, the mum was living here and wouldn’t leave and it turned out it was because she’d had babies! 

    We did have a puppy for a while but we couldn’t look after him properly (we had a baby in the special care baby unit at the hospital) so it’s just cats here now. I had to deflea them for the first time the other day. Do you know how long flea treatment takes to work? How do you know if it has worked? 

    Thank you for the tips about vocal cats as well, I’d love to know what my cats are saying to each other so I might try the book you recommend, do you find the tips work on feral cats too? krs PurpleLioness 

  18. Thank you for your comment. My site was made to help cat lovers get to know cats better and adopt them. They can be educated and become the most faithful and loving pet.

  19. Thank you for your comment. We kept them under control, giving them a high degree of freedom. It’s okay if you keep the cat away from the attacking dogs.

  20. Thank you for your comment. In general, treatment for fleas swells for the time specified on the product. For example, Frontline keeps fleas away for a month. There are also anti-flea collars that keep fleas away for 6 months. The cat doesn’t scratch anymore, so you know.

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