Vital ingredients in your cat’s food


It is clear that, unlike dogs, cats have other nutritional requirements. For this reason, dog food is not recommended for cats. The processes that take place in their body differ from those of dogs. Even if the cats eat their food, it does not mean that they have eaten healthy.

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Taurine and arginine are two amino acids that are vital ingredients in your cat’s food. Their presence in the diet is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. And harmonious development.

General considerations

The cat is a carnivorous animal. Protein is the most important part of your diet. They provide the essential substances for tissue growth and repair.

It also provides the energy needed by the body. But they are vital ingredients in your cat’s food. The cat’s body cannot convert fats and carbohydrates into energy.

That is why her food must be well-balanced protein. Proteins are the ones that provide amino acids, which are equally essential for the cat’s body. Two of these are taurine and arginine.


Taurine is an amino acid present in bile secretion. He involved in many physiological mechanisms. Including in the regulation of cell volume, antioxidants, detoxification. It is also involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

Unlike humans, the cat’s body cannot synthesize this amino acid. As a result, it is necessary to get it from food or to administer it as a supplement.

A taurine deficiency can cause central retinal degeneration. That is an eye condition that can lead to total blindness in just two years.

Also, heart problems can occur: the muscles weaken and the walls of the heart become thinner and thinner. The animal loses its fur and its teeth are severely damaged.

In order not to reach a taurine deficiency, cats need to consume 400 mg of taurine per kilogram of body weight per day. Pregnant females need 500 mg per kilogram of body weight.

Why is taurine important?

The presence of taurine in cat food is essential. It prevents retinal disorders (the highest concentration of taurine found in the retina). Improves heart function by toning the heart muscle. Helps regulate the balance of salts and water at the cellular level. It is a stabilizer of cell membranes. Neutralizes free radicals, being a powerful antioxidant. It involved in the production and activity of bile in the body.

It is necessary for lipid metabolism, preventing the formation of gallstones. Lowers cholesterol levels by interfering with bile acid metabolism. Reduces blood sugar levels in insulin-dependent diabetes (decreases insulin resistance).

It is an important factor in the anabolic reactions of amino acids. This is because it found in the body in free-form in a very high percentage (90%).

Where can we find it?


Taurine is not found in plants or other plant products. It found only in animal proteins. They should be the main ingredient in any type of cat food. The cat is a carnivore. To be healthy you need raw meat. 

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Taurine is very sensitive to high temperatures. It loses its properties when the meat cooked. Dry food whose main ingredient is meat also provides the necessary amount of taurine.

Industrial food manufacturers no longer put this amino acid on the list of ingredients. Dry food that contains a high percentage of animal protein also provides the optimal percentage of taurine.

Only the elements that added during the manufacturing process of the respective product included in the list of ingredients.Taurine found on the label of a product when dry food has a low percentage of protein. Then a supplement needed. This amino acid can also added to the wet food label. It must contain at least twice as much taurine as dry food. Wet food is thermally processed and the taurine in the meat loses its properties.

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Arginine is a vital amino acid for most animals. It has a direct effect on the chemical processes that take place in the body. Scientific studies have shown that arginine intensifies the production and release of growth hormone. It considered an essential acid depending on the health and developmental stage of each individual.

Due to the high consumption of protein-specific to cats, arginine is very important due to its function of regulating the elimination of protein residues. It ensures the proper functioning of the body.

As with bullfighting, the cat’s body cannot synthesize arginine. It is extremely sensitive when it is missing, even if you go out of food eaten at one meal. The cat needs protein, and if arginine is missing, the whole body affected.

Where can we find it?

Arginine found in meat as well as in all types of quality food.

  cat and fish

Arginine deficiency is particularly severe and can even be fatal. In many cats, injuries to the nerve pathways and nerve centers can occur.

The importance of arginine

Arginine helps in protein synthesis. It has a decisive role in the growth and optimal development of young organisms. Neutralizes and removes ammonia from the body. Ammonia is a harmful substance resulting from the disintegration of proteins. This can lead to hyperammonemia in some cats.

Arginine stimulates endocrine secretion. Helps develop muscle mass. It plays an important role in the healing process. Contributes to the increase in the number of lymphocytes. Delays the development of various tumors. Maintains the functionality of the immune system by stimulating the release of a growth hormone in the pituitary gland. It intervenes in nitrogen metabolism. Contributes to maintaining the balance between nitrogen and carbon dioxide.


Taurine and arginine are two essential amino acids in your cat’s food. Their presence in the diet is necessary.

  cats eating

They ensure the good functioning of the body and harmonious development.

Taurine is also produced in the human body, especially in muscle, brain, heart and blood. A person who weighs 70 kg naturally has about 70 g of taurine distributed throughout the body. Which means 70 times more taurine than a can of energy drink, which contains 1000 mg. Many years ago, cat food thought to be responsible for the lack of taurine. Today we know that cats metabolize taurine in much smaller amounts.

Cats that eat dog food, fed only cooked food or have a vegetarian diet, maybe deficient in taurine. Taurine deficiency mainly means dilated cardiomyopathy, a weakened and enlarged heart. Therefore, if your cat lacks taurine, it is necessary to give him supplements. Or change his diet, giving him a quality food that contains animal protein.

Arginine found in meat as well as in all types of quality food. Arginine deficiency is particularly severe and can even be fatal. In many cats, injuries to the nerve pathways and nerve centers can occur. Arginine stimulates endocrine secretion. Helps develop muscle mass. It plays an important role in the healing process. Contributes to the increase in the number of lymphocytes. Delays the development of various tumors.

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14 Replies to “Vital ingredients in your cat’s food”

  1. That’s clarifying. I’ll make a parallel here (please don’t get me wrong) with our daily lives, when we buy something, for example, a TV or an electric mixer. We assume that we know enough to deal with them without reading the user’s manual. I’d say that when there are such a blog out there that you can check every time you need info on how to feed you kitten or dog, that my puppies manual. Thanks a lot for putting all this information together!

  2. Thank you for your comment Daniel. It is very true: we always need to learn how to feed our cat. I have been raising cats for over 34 years and I am still learning.

  3. Hi Carmen,

    I had no idea that Arginine and Taurine were so essential to feline health.  If these proteins can be affected by heat, are the processed cat foods on the market not deficient in these essential nutrients?

    Can you recommend a wet cat food manufacturer that you think provides good healthy cat food?

    Thanks for all of your heartfelt effort in writing this article Carmen!


  4. Thank you for your comment Michael. There are many producers who produce quality wet food. It also depends on what cat you have, how old it is, how it is with your health. I give my cats as staple food, dry food. That way I can have it at my disposal all the time. As a treat, I give them from time to time Felix from Purina.

  5. I have six indoor cats and five more that are wild outside. I want only the best for them all. I was surprised to read about Taurine. I knew Arginine is critical to all animals. I will be checking the food I am currently giving my cats to make sure I am getting them enough Taurine. Thank you so much for this important information.

  6. Thank you for your comment Curtis. I’m glad you have more cats. If you give them raw meat or dry food it’s ok. It also has taurine. Some manufacturers write on the composite food label.

  7. Helo, I must say a big thanks to you for this informative and educating article, I have really been impacted by this article. I basically never knew the importance of taurine and arginine in cats meal. As a matter of fact i thought cats eating the regular animals meals like that of a dog was a very nice option. But thanks I am very cleared about this now.

  8. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found out something new, important, that you didn’t know about. Carmen

  9. Very good information I have never heard of taurine or arginine amino acids. I know that protein was good for cats but didn’t know how important. Also did not know that cats and dogs where so different when it came to their diets. My parents have 7 cats and only feed them cat food but I do have one concern. They throw it up a lot. Not every time they eat but enough that you are cleaning it up from at least one of the everyday. I don’t know if they just can’t handle that food or what it is but they will not change the food they give them. They are pretty healthy cats though. Very active and playful even though they throw up the food they eat. maybe you could offer some advise for them.   

  10. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have learnt a whole lot from this article. Having keeping cat as a pet in my home, I am still not familiar with most of its food ingredients that are vital to their general well-being. Having stumbled into this article, I have been equip with some vital cat food ingredients and how to get it. Thanks for the insight

  11. Thanks for the comment Jason. Cats don’t like to change their food. If you still do, you need to change it gradually for 2-3 weeks. I’ve been giving them the same dry food for years. To pamper my cats, I give them from time to time, wet food, but always the same.

  12. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found out what the cat needs for a healthy diet. Take care of her and spend many moments of joy with your baby fur.

  13. This is an excellent guide to nutrition for your cat. I know from first hand how important this is from experience with my own cat. He has interal digestion issues and was in a great deal of pain. Lucky a complete change in diet, prescribed by a vet and a litter change change in terms of approach really helped little Walter. I say little. He is 10 years old now!. 

    Overall it really improved his health so I think it is great that you go into so much detail. I guess you want a one stop solution but in reality I guess each cat is individual. 

    I did not know about the comparison to dogs so I have learned something there. I love your blog, thank you!

  14. Thanks for the comment Phil. I’m glad you adjusted Walter’s diet and he’s fine now. Which proves you’re a responsible owner. I wish you enjoy his company for many years to come.

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