Want to adopt a cat?

adopted cat

We must admit that it is not at all easy to live with our cat. Especially when we do not know certain rules that allow us to understand its actions.

Want to adopt a cat? This article will be useful to you.

There is a lot to said in the field of feline psychology. The truth is that the cat is still an enigma in the world of pets.

The first step is to choose a cat, right?

Unfortunately, cat owners do not know much about this species. From here there are countless conflicts in the family or with your cat. Not infrequently the verdict being: “this cat has to leave the house”.

Want to adopt a cat? Before taking a cat, try to self-evaluate in light of the following considerations.

Be honest with yourself and if you don’t think you can understand, endure and live with a cat, you better give up. In this case, my advice is to take a turtle, a fish tank, a hamster. Any other more docile living thing that will bring you the much-desired relaxation.

Tips for those who want a pet

You have concluded that a pet in the house would be welcome, after good thought. You, your child or another family member wants this. Nothing is more beautiful and praiseworthy than this intention. But from this phase to ,,catastrophe” in the family is only one step.

If you do not choose discerningly the animal you will bring into the house, you will only increase the rate of abandoned animals.

Have you decided to adopt a cat?

Be honest and admit that you made calculations like: ,,A cat eats less than a dog; I don’t have to take her for a walk in the morning and the evening; it is extremely clean; Maybe he’ll even catch a mouse. “

I’m not saying you were wrong. I say you only saw the pink part ”of the phenomenon called the cat.

If you have decided to adopt a cat and you feel attracted to this species, meditate on the following and ask yourself if you are ready to accept that:

1. A cat will always claim to treat you as being equal to you!

YES! This is the basic axiom in living with a cat. If you can’t accept or understand it or if you find this statement at least shocking, convinced that you will not be able to make a friendship with a cat. She will never accept a master-slave relationship. Maybe he will sometimes give the impression that he accepts your authority if he sees you too nervous or disturbed. Do this just to make you feel better. Not in any case because she convinced of your authority.

The relationship of subordination you want if you dream of imposing your authority in front of someone you will get if you take a dog. It will “pamper” you with boundless gratitude, for every corner of the bread or a simple caress.

Therefore, when referring to the owner of a cat (owner in the legislative sense), its most correct designation can made with the term “friend”, and not “owner”.

adopted cat

2. Only if your cat is in a good mood and has a mood, will he accept your expressions of affection!

Many of us, even if we don’t have a dog, have seen that it is enough for the owner to make a simple gesture and the animal is already at his feet. With a look that begs for affection. A simple caress is enough and the dog radiates happiness, rolling with its belly up.

Do not expect such gestures from a cat. Only in a certain situation: if the feeling is mutual and if it is well-disposed of! In this situation, it will give you a “recital” that will disconnect you. When it spins, the effect will be calming and relaxing.

In conclusion, do not surprised if you want to caress your cat when you return from work, it will run frowning to hide under the couch. She’s probably upset that you left her alone all day. She will pass by and come alone to caress herself, (especially if it is mealtime) and, in the kitchen, you will surely make peace.

adopted cats


3. A cat can create small inconveniences and even small damages in the household!

You adopted a cute little kitten. In addition to the joys it brings you, he found it appropriate to sharpen his claws in the upholstery of the new furniture, bought with great sacrifices. Or who, in an excess of energy, runs in a mad rush through the whole house. It stops somewhere up in a gallery. He got there by climbing on the freshly washed curtain. However, it needs to replaced because it looks pathetic.

Your precious Galle vessel, Daum Nancy, or your grandmother’s crystal vase, which you held dear, fell from a height and turned into hundreds of shards! It was certainly not an earthquake. Your kitten boyfriend tried to do less successful acrobatics! Don’t be angry with him or punish him. He didn’t do it on purpose! If those who have a dog put all the fragile objects somewhere high, this measure is useless in the case of a playful cat.

The time has passed and here your kitten has reached the age of “puberty”. He surrounded by the most unstoppable calls of nature. Isn’t it so that you found in the morning, before leaving for work, your only pair of shoes “scented” and sprinkled with the urine of the much-loved cotton ?!

In the middle of the night, your cute cat wakes up the whole block with heartbreaking meows, for no apparent reason! Worried, you immediately call the vet and find out that your favorite is doing nothing but shouting at her partner ?! Don’t bother this time either, fortunately, they all have a remedy. (sterilization or castration).


adopted cats

4. The cat has some fundamental character traits. She is: independent, capricious, curious.

These characterizations can continue, but I say stop here. If you can accept and understand them, everything is perfect. If not, you need to think twice before taking a cat home.

Cat – unique!

I don’t want you to misunderstand me: these are not arguments against the decision to take a cat. Nothing compares to the elegance, refinement and sweetness of such a companion. The above is only a warning to those who have never had a cat in their life. But they desperately want one.

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It is not necessary for everything presented to happen. It all depends on the individual factor. Each individual is unique. One cannot draw universally valid conclusions for the whole cat nation.

Of course, otherwise, the problem arises for those who live at home and have a yard that they can make available to the cat. In this case, already many of the inconveniences presented above disappear, but others appear instead. First of all, it is ideal to be able to secure the yard so that the cat cannot escape. Be safe.

adopted cats

I do not recommend taking a cat for the child, if he is not at least 8-10 years old (girls) and 12-14 years old (boys). The situation changes when the cat is already in the house at the time the baby is born.

It known that a child who grows up with a cat unquestionably develops certain qualities, later becoming an exceptional adult in many ways. The rate of offenders from children who grew up and loved a cat is almost zero.

Here are enough arguments to weigh the pros and cons in the balance of your decision. It should mentioned, of course, that the cat is an animal with an extremely complex personality, capable of even contradictory feelings. They manifest simultaneously, which makes it perhaps more attractive and fascinating. The characteristic psychology of these species based on a very good knowledge of the laws governing the behavior of cats.

The cat is not a wild animal. She has numerous group interactions. Both with humans and with other cats or animals of other species, with which it comes into permanent or temporary contact.

If after reading all these lines you can say with conviction: “Yes, I want a cat!”, Then I can only ask you: “What are you waiting for?”. Say welcome to your kitten.


My post will help you make an informed decision regarding the adoption of a cat.

You will not taken by surprise and you will know what to expect from living with a cat.

You will keep in mind that:

The cat will always claim to treat you as being equal to you!

Only if your cat is in a good mood and has a mood, will he accept your expressions of affection!

A cat can create small inconveniences and even small damages in the household!

The cat has some fundamental character traits. She is: independent, capricious, curious.


And you will be sure that nothing compares to the elegance, refinement and sweetness of such a companion. Provided you are patient, sympathetic and especially a great lover.

But my advice is to adopt two cats. This way, their boredom will not appear while you are away from home. They will play together and forget that they are alone.

If you liked my post, do not hesitate to leave me a comment in which to express your opinion. Maybe you already have a cat, or maybe you want one. Thank you.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



10 Replies to “Want to adopt a cat?”

  1. Hi Carmen. Thank you for very interesting article. I remember when I adopt my first cat and I must admit that I was completely unprepared for this. Its completely different then having other animals and for first few weeks my home was like madhouse with furniture damaged and my family running around trying to domesticate our cat. It was challenging time but I would never change my cat for anything else, and your article for should would help me in this crazy time.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Precisely because I know very well the problems that can occur when the one who adopts a cat and is not prepared for it, I wrote the article. I hope it helps you too.

  3. I can relate to having a cat. Yeah, you right: Cats aren’t always gonna just run to you and show affection like the dogs do. They can also be messy and scratch and tear stuff up if left alone due to all the stress. But when you get their trust, them cats are arguably as loyal as dogs are, maybe more. Man, I miss my old cats now…

  4. I have had dogs at home but never cats. And I have been told that dogs are very different from cats. It’s good to know that depending on a cats mood will be our interactions with it. This would help me handle the first rejections or adverse reactions. Thank you very much for all the useful point for getting prepared to bring a cat home. They are much appreciated.

  5. Thank you for your comment Nicholas. I understand you miss your cats. I have been raising cats for 36 years. During this time I lost cats because they do not live long. And I really miss them. But as long as you have them, they are fascinating animals.

  6. Thank you for your comment Ann. Indeed, dogs are very different from cats. Before adopting a cat, it is advisable to inform yourself about them. But if you are properly informed and know what to expect, cats are fascinating animals.

  7. Ahh, I love cats!  I remember all the ones that I have either fed or taken care of.

    Unfortunately, I am allergic to them and get eczema flare-ups whenever I attempt to get them.  Because of that I have had to give them away.

    So I sometimes watch cat and kitten videos on Youtube to keep my love for them alive.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to make more cat friends like my neighbour’s cat.  Doesn’t live with me, but next door? Is okay.

    After stroking Blue’s head for 5 minutes during a barbecue, he now heads straight for me whenever he sees me talking to his owners.

    I feel really lucky…

  8. Thank you for this article – Want to adopt a cat? A cat is a wonderful pet, however they require love and care. It is a lot easier to maintain a cat than a dog. We should not abandon the cat and think they are just there to keep our surrounding free from mice. They have feeling and need to feel appreciated.

  9. Thank you for your comment. It’s a shame that you are allergic to cats, I still choose that you love them. Is there a Sphynx breed, hairless cats, have you tried these as well? It’s a shame you can’t have one of your own. I wish you luck.

  10. Thanks for the comment. It’s not really easy to care for a cat. You have to love her very much, take care of her, understand her and respect her. Sacrifice your free time. But she will reward you with her unconditional love and her sweetness.

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