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You always look for the best food for you. Contain all the nutritional elements necessary for the body. Why would you act differently for your cat? She’s just your best friend. Let’s see what is the best food for your cat. I have been growing cats for over 33 years. During this time I learned a lot about cats. And about their nutritional needs. Now I want to share with you what I have learned. So, what is the best food for your cat?

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The cat is an excellent carnivore

Yes, as the title says, the cat is a carnivorous animal. When looking for food for your cat, you must first take into account this fact.

We’re just talking about dry food. It’s more convenient for you. And for her. You can always leave it at her disposal. Provided they have fresh water. Cats prefer to eat a little and often. You can spoil it from time to time with moist food.


But only if the cat consumes it immediately. Otherwise, it is altered.

Do not rush to buy any food. Read the label carefully. Dry cat food must contain 30% -40% animal protein. It’s easier to digest than the vegetable protein. Your cat will be happy with such a meal.

Let’s not forget that the cat hunts freely. So she assures the need for animal protein.

It will accumulate the energy it needs. It will fulfill its purpose. Even now she’s the cat.

Other food components

In addition to protein, food must also contain fat, fiber, moisture. It also needs to be enriched with essential minerals and vitamins. You should not miss biotin, choline, taurine.

Taking care that the food contains these elements, we will provide our cats with long-term health.

Cats do not like changing the food. If we change it, we will do it gradually. We were mixing old food with the new one, little by little. It takes about two weeks for me to change this. But I confess that for years I have not done it for the simple reason that I am giving them quality food. And the price is attractive. It matters to me because I have a lot of cats. Moreover, this food also ensures the health of the urinary tract. The antioxidants it contains provide immunity to the cat. It does not contain artificial additives, preservatives, flavors or colors.

The only thing I do is to take alternative meals of the same range, but with different forms of meat. So I do not have to make a gradual change. And yes, I trust 100% in this food. What it is? Well, it’s Purina Cat Chow. It is a dry food with a special formula for a healthy urinary tract, strong teeth, and beautiful fur. I alternate food for sterilized cats with food for the urinary tract. Meat types also change.

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The reason for this review

I made another review on the same theme on 21.02.2019. You can see it here. The same brand of cat food. The producer has experience of 80 years.

In a market dominated by Hils, Purina is a good alternative and at a reasonable price.

dry food

The reason for the return is that I have discovered an online company from Awin, called ZOOPLUS, which exists in all European countries. You can only order online. The warehouse is in Germany and the order is honored in 2-5 days. It is ideal for busy people and cats. It’s cheaper than elsewhere. He does not have to go to the store after eating. During the winning, they can handle the cat.

Zooplus-shop in every country in Europe

Zooplus is the largest online pet and pet shop in Europe. The company offers a 5% discount for new subscribers, discount coupons and promotional campaigns.

It also has a savings program for 1 or 2 years. At the loyalty points you receive for each order you can take from their offers, within the number of points, various products for free.

I have been buying from zooplus for years and I am very satisfied. The order is honored in a maximum of 5 days.

I’ll give you links to the shops I’ve affiliated with.










if you are in another country in Europe, you can look for the next link https://www.zooplus. ; after the point you write the abrevation of coutry/shop/cat. You write cat in your language.

In these stores, you find any other object you need for your cat. Also other types of food. What I can tell you is that all types of food on this site are of good quality.


I hope you enjoyed this review because you found out that you can feed your cat healthy and at a reasonable price. You also learned that you can order online, just by giving a few clicks without losing time through stores. Your time is precious and does not return. Instead, you can spend it with the cat. Well, only the Europeans. For the rest of the world, you see my first review of Purina at Sow and buy the food for cats from Amazon.

I invite you to leave a comment and tell me your opinion about the food of cats.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

14 Replies to “What is the best food for your cat-Review”

  1. Thanks for sharing the best food for my cat in this review. I knew that cats needed more protein in their diet but I didn’t know exactly how much. I appreciate you putting that information in there. Now I need to check the food that I am giving my cat. What grain-free cat food would you recommend for someone like me who is in the U.S.?

  2. That’s good info about the cat food. It’s tough finding a good brand and knowing what cats need in their food. I did not know about the protein. I have six cats. They all eat the same food. They were getting fat so I changed them over to a new food. They regurgitate it a lot. I’m going to look at the food breakdown to see if maybe that’s the cause. I know it’s normal for cats to regurgitate a little bit and with six cats in the house it’s unavoidable. But it does seem like they do it a lot. I’m going to look more into this. Thanks for the info!

  3. Hi Marlinda

    Indeed, the percentage of proteins must be 30-40% depending on the age of cat; I can’t recommend a certain food because I don’t know the US market, but you can try PETCO to see what offers

  4. Hi Nicole

    I currently have 18 cats and all eat the same food; have changed their preferences over the course of their life, but for years Cat Sow loves to eat; maybe the food you give them does not treat your cats

  5. Thanks for sharing such a nice and detailed review. It never occured to me to check the protein contents of my pet food but I sure won’t make that mistake again all thanks to your review.

    Thanks for the tips on how to change cats food it will really help me and other cat lovers to take better care of our cats without much fear.

    I enjoyed myself reading your article. Thanks once again

  6. hi David

    I’m glad you liked reading my article; and I found out while you need to know about the cat’s nutrition and I thought to share with other lovers, for the benefit of cats, which I love from the whole soul

  7. A great and enlightening article. I have plenty of experience with trying to get my cats to eat different things over the years and so can definitely concur with having to do it slowly over a period of time. but as with all foods, some are better than others and provide better nutrition. Thanks for addressing these issues and highlighting the things we can do to make the health and happiness of our feline friends in better shape!


  8. Hi Rus

    thank you for your comment; cats do not agree to change food; if you change it you have to do it gradually; are very different from us

    all the best for you


  9. My cat really enjoys the hard food that we give him. He does enjoy his wet food at dinner time, but he always wants to have hard food in his dish. He even lets us know when he is out. One thing that I have not done was check the ingredients to his hard food. I figured that if he likes it than everything is good. I may have to change over to a new hard food if it does not contain enough protein.

    Thanks for the info about gradually changing over to new food. I had no idea.

  10. I’m glad I was helpful; it is seen when the cats eat with pleasure; you need to check the label though, cats need a lot of protein, unlike dogs; thank you for your comment David

  11. I have two indoor cats. I learned the hard way that changing their food is not a good idea. One of my cats just had an appointment with the veterinarian this week from being sick and I am sure it is largely due to changing her food. I normally buy them a brand that specializes in UTI health. 

    It’s good that you raise awareness of cat health, starting with their eating habits.

  12. depends on many factors that your cat was at the vet Melissa; sure, one of them is food; but also the age of the cat counts; in old age, they are more prone to illness. Thank you for your comment

  13.  Hey Carmen,

    It was an informative and detailed review. I really liked the way you specified the percentage of animal protein and other food components. The other thing I would like to appreciate is your style of writing. You were interactive throughout your article. I am a cat lover too and would definitely love to use your interactive and detailed review while choosing food for my cat. Since I am from India, it would be great if you suggest some other alternative for the same product. 

    Thanks for sharing it. 

  14. Thank you for your comment Shashwat ; I tried to access google in india but refused my connection; I advise you to search the cat food on the internet and look for an adequate meal to have the ingredient described by me in the article

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