When the stork comes does the cat leave?

pregnant woman and cat

When the stork comes does the cat leave? No, it’s not about the arrival of storks. Heralds of spring, which many of us do not even notice. We are all absorbed in the multitude of daily worries and concerns. They may have remained just a pleasant childhood memory. It is the childish explanation offered by the “adults” for the child who finds out that he will soon have a sister or a little brother.

The stork is coming! Great joy!

Of course, nothing compares to the spring laid in the souls of young married people at the news that they will soon be parents. It is natural for this to happen in any family. A series of preparations for the wonderful event will launched.

But when the stork comes does the cat leave it is a false interpretation of the moment.

An avalanche of “benevolent advice” from friends, relatives, neighbors or co-workers assaults young future parents who, dazed by so many conflicting opinions, do not know if they will decorate the child’s bedroom in pink or blue, if the crib will be closer to the light or farther from the window, away from current, etc.

The stories flow incessantly, even from those who did not have children but considered an “encyclopedia” in the field.

The future parents finally feel confused and create a lot of false problems, feeling alone and helpless in front of the big event: the birth of the child.

Therefore, they will accept any advice, especially if it comes from “authorized” people.

But what do you do with the cat?

When everything seems to calm down, that is, the colour of the bedroom decided, the right model of diapers, vitamins, artificial food, an office colleague launches, as if out of the blue, a question. “But what do you do with the cat?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t decided,” she replied, dazed by the lightning-fast question. You have to admit to yourself that you missed the cat on the list.

And you, who thought that all the preparations for the event had solved, still missed something. Maybe something important.

At home, mimicking indifference, you half-voice ask your partner the same terrifying question: “Honey, but what do we do with the cat?”.

pregnant woman and cat

A new question launched does not lack “benevolent” advice. , you have to get rid of the cat !!! “It is the idea that assails you from most directions, from grandparents, neighbors or other” omniscient people who have not had an animal in their lives, but have heard “many “.

Already your nights tormented by nightmares, in which “huge strands of cat hair” suffocate the future child, still unborn. Hydatid cyst and other unheard and creepy diseases permanently obsess your consciousness and, in the end, you make the only decision that you think gets rid of all the problems.

And she, the loving cat, who often turned, between the two of you, at the mouth of the stove in the late winter nights, who enjoyed the countless games and tumbles that you invented together, she, who always believed her friends, suddenly appears as an “intruder”. Role in which he cannot understand how he got there.

Especially since cats feel what is happening and become very protective and loving with pregnant women.


Do not think that you will not notice the change in behavior towards her. That your caresses are false and that you stare at her in a strange, meaningful, and unusual way at the same time.

But she is ready to accept with unparalleled dignity any decision you make about her. Don’t expect them to understand your gesture, that of removing her from the family home, without being wrong about anything.

Once the decision has made and found her new home, you draw lots who will commit the ungrateful gesture: Take an old travel bag out of the closet, open it and, with tears in your eyes, go looking for the cat in the house. But this, sensing something, is not to found!

Stop! Stop the script here!

Certainly, it would be better for everyone to consult two specialists. A veterinarian and a human doctor. Competence and training in the field should be publicly confirmed (experienced doctors, academics or laboratory specialists).

No one disputes the fact that there are quite a few zoonoses (diseases that transmitted from animal to human). Most of them can be effectively prevented or combated if diagnosed in time.

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I do not recommend removing the cat from the family. If there are good reasons that may endanger the health of the newborn (given that the little one can not take basic hygiene measures), then yes. But these are extremely rare cases.

pregnant woman and cat

An important piece of advice would be to ask the opinion of several specialists and not just one. If the opinions do not coincide, then you average these opinions and you will go in the right direction.

In most cases, an internal and external deworming of the cat is particularly effective. Repeated every three to four months, it saves you a lot of trouble and surprises.

Regarding the removal of the cat, with the birth of a child, the situation must analyzed differently.

1. If you already have a small child or are expecting one soon, refrain from adopting a cat. You can wait for the right moment, that is, in 8-12 years. Then you will be able to easily adopt a kitten, especially since you will now give your free time, almost entirely, to the junior.

2. If you already have a cat, when the child is born, do not remove it unless this measure recommended by your specialist or required to be necessary for objective reasons.

I had a cat when my little girl was born. She was two years older than the girl. I can’t express how much she cared from the moment my daughter was born: she avoided her things, she was always by her side to watch over her, she warned me when my daughter had some discomfort. It’s like I’ve loved her even more since then.

When my daughter grew up, I took another kitten off the street. She considered him her brother.

My daughter developed beautifully, had no health problems and became a more empathetic and responsible adult. Obviously I was very careful with hygiene.

Here you can see the behavior of cats towards newborns:

Do not throw the cat at random into the arms of the first “benevolent” who offers to “help” you. It is good to place it in the family, with relatives, parents, grandparents, where you can visit it at least periodically. I don’t know if you will like the indifference and inflexibility with which he will “treat” you during these visits. But you must know that under this impassive “mask”, the cat still suffers. This is the only way he punishes you for undeserved “punishment.”

I repeat, if necessary, ie the indications come from authorized sources indications and not alarmists, the cat can removed. But only after you have tried other possible solutions besides the radical one. For example, children (but also adults) can sometimes have allergic reactions when approaching a cat. The explanation is the presence of cat hair. From which we draw a hasty conclusion, namely: all cats have hair (except maybe the Sphynx cat), you can not cut it permanently and can not get rid of unwanted hair, which causes allergies.

pregnant woman and cat

Personal hygiene – a possible solution

When the child is the right age, we need to print some mandatory personal hygiene measures. Hand washing before meals (especially if playing with the cat), careful washing of fruits and vegetables are mandatory procedures.

Let’s not forget that if we request statistics in human laboratories we will amazed to find that a significant percentage (approximately 40%) of patients diagnosed with hydatid cyst with various locations, do not have and have never had a recreational animal. Near. Hence, the conclusion that personal hygiene measures are not very respected, out of ignorance or ignorance.

But we are not allowed to hide behind our lack of information, to justify certain irresponsible actions, such as abandoning a cat for “presumptive” reasons.

For the benefit of our cat and ours, we wrote these lines.

My sincere hope is that the day will come when the “arrival of the storks” will bring spring to the soul of our cat. She will no longer forced to “pack her bags” and go into exile. It is up to us that human ignorance and irresponsibility no longer exist.

Conclusion: is it necessary to give the cat?

Not. A simple wash of the cat can reduce or even eliminate the inconvenience. Responsible for producing the allergy is the cat’s saliva on the hair (the cat washes) and a component of it is the allergen. Here’s how a simple, more frequent grooming (monthly, not weekly or daily) with a special cat shampoo can solve the problem of cat abandonment.

In the same way, the amount of “dead hair” that floats around the house can reduced. Parasitic eggs present on the hairs may prevented from circulating.

So don’t abandon the cat when the stork comes.

pregnant woman and cat

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I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



12 Replies to “When the stork comes does the cat leave?”

  1. Thank you for very interesting article. I had cats whole my life and I couldn’t imagine giving them away because of family growing. I was through it twice and I can confirm that its possible to have cat and newborn at the same time. Yet, I was always missing structured knowledge about this experience and your articles will be so helpful for new parents with cats. I had to learn everything by my own, and now you put everything in one place. For sure I will share your article with my friends who are expecting baby.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I congratulate you that when you had children, you also kept the cat. By the way, if you’ve had cats all your life, I imagine you love them. Your children will grow up being more responsible and empathetic. With a little extra care, everything is fine.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and experience with cats and the introduction of a new family member. Every situation is different (just like every cat), so it’s nice that you remind people to look for clues to figure out what is going on and what may cause issues. 

    We haven’t had to introduce our cat to new babies, but we did end up rescuing a stray dog that came into our yard. The cat was not happy about the dog at first, but over time, the two of them have become good playmates and buddies. 

  4. Thanks for the comment Aly. Just as every human being is different, every child is different, cats are no exception. I currently have several cats and 3 dogs. I can’t tell you how happy I am when I see them as friends.

  5. Everyone in my family would say this about cats. The thing is, nobody liked cats but me lol. Anyway, I agree we shouldn’t act impulsively. Our first thought might be to remove our furry buddies from homes, but aren’t they part of the family? We shouldn’t draw false conclusions before researching the matter thoroughly.

    Thanks for sharing. 

  6. Thanks for the comment Enrique. When you take a cat you have to be responsible for its life. Of course she is part of the family, with equal rights. You can’t give she when a baby comes. The child will grow up, he will leave, he will see his life. But the cat stays forever.

  7. Oh my gosh, I would never, ever, get rid of my 4 cats, for whatever the reason may be! Even if I turn out to be allergic, I wouldn’t do that. As you said: it is extremely rare to get a disease from a cat and if you take good preventive care, the chance of something going wrong with the pregnancy is very small. I get so mad when people don’t think about these things beforehand when adopting a cat,sorry! 

  8. My aunty got a white cute cat for about two years and was pampering it soo much before giving birth to a beautiful girl and since then the love she gives the cat is no longer the same, she barely even have the time to bath the cat and take proper good care of it as she used to. but she didn’t sell it out she’s still with the white cute cat. 

  9. I’m surprised this myth still exists but, unfortunately, it does.  There is always some basis for these kinds of stories but I’m sure it goes back to a time when the importance of hygiene was not known and/or soap and clean water was not as easily accessed as it is today.  I think you hit the nail squarely on the head with your advice to talk to your doctor and your vet.  They are the ones who have the real answers.

  10. Thank you for your comment. You’re right, people should be more informed when adopting a cat. And much more responsible after that. She is an innocent soul who should normally be part of the family.

  11. Thank you for your comment. I like the examples in which, even if you have a child, you do not give the cat. The cat is part of the family. Too bad your aunt doesn’t take care of her much anymore. He should know that the child grows up and goes to see his life, the cat will remain.

  12. Thank you for your comment. You were rightly surprised that only doctors can give proper results. The rest are myths, as you said.

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