Why do we need cats and do cats need us?

Why do we need cats

“The one who, in the course of his life, shows himself indifferent to the beauty, elegance, innocence, intelligence and affection of a cat, is as poor as the one who, walking in the spring of a village, is blind to the splendor of the flowers in the gardens. , deaf to the song of birds, irrespective of the sound of insects and the expression of the wind. “(E. Hamilton)

Why do we need cats?


This is a question I often ask myself: Why do we need cats?


In these many years since I grew up cats, I did not necessarily find an answer. Just a few assumptions. I am not a cat breeder to do business, but just a big cat lover.

Here are some of these assumptions that I made and now I want to share with you.

Maybe we as humans aspire to cleanliness, discretion, patience, precision, dignity, tenderness of the cat.

Maybe it fills a void, reinvents the game I forgot from childhood or maybe just completes an image.

Perhaps we often lack the courage to look beyond the outline, into the depths of our being. The glow of the mirror is transposed in the light of her eyes.

Maybe, sometimes, overwhelmed by defeat, we stand helpless on her shoulders, seeking relief. Or on the contrary, we share their success and joy.

Maybe we don’t want anything but a companion.

Maybe we are missing poetry.

Maybe we feel or think the same.

Maybe we can communicate.

Perhaps we humans, however, do not necessarily need cats. Maybe we just want to be better, richer, whole.

If you have a cat, you can educate her in the way you want, knowing her character. Use numerology.

The personal figure only shows indications of the character of your cat. This is the initial condition.

Why do  cat need people?

Have you decided, my dear cat, to adopt a human being? Big mistake. You made the same mistake with the millions of cats that took in their custody these frustrated and suspicious creatures.

It will happen to you countless times, during your association with humans, to ask yourself why you bothered to overwhelm them with the divine grace of your presence.

What is so great about people? Why didn’t you choose one of the millions of existing cats than a company?

Our greatest cat-philosophers have struggled for centuries to answer this question. The detachment is very simple: the humans have the thumb of each hand placed opposite to the other fou

This incredible thing transforms humans into formidable tools. For opening the doors, unpacking, changing TV channels, cleaning the litter. And many other activities that for us, despite the obvious advantages we have, are difficult to achieve.

Well, chimpanzees and orangutans also have their thumbs up, but they’re not as easy to train as humans.

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How and when to capture the attention of your human?

If the communication signals have not reached their purpose, do not despair. There are other ways to capture the attention of your human.

It often happens that your human being mistakenly assumes. That he has other more important activities to do. Then meet your immediate desires.

For example, pay too much attention to business, family members or even sleep.

Although this is extremely unpleasant, you can still reverse the situation in your favor. Stubbornly stand in the way of the human and improve steadily. Exactly when he is very busy.

This system guaranteed and will cause the human to do absolutely everything you want. Exactly in the next instant. And that’s just to get rid of you and your ups and downs around his feet.

For no reason, human adolescents also use the same procedure.

There are two strings to convince your human to do what you want.

  1. Help him do the job.

Stand on the paper your human face is facing. He assumes that that derisive object is more important than your person.

Often it will give you crochet to determine how many you get off the paper.

Even better, help him work on the computer.

cat and PC

It is ideal to lie on the whole keyboard.


You can do the same with the TV remote, audio combination, car keys or babies.

  1. Walk your human being at unprecedented hours.

The golden moment of the cat is between 3.30 and 4.30 in the morning. If you take out the delicate lips on the sleeping human face between these hours, you have a higher chance that in an incoherent phase, it will do what you want.

Sometimes you will have to remove your handkerchiefs to get the desired attention. In order not to become a suspect you must occasionally scratch the griffin.

Human punishment

Sometimes, despite your desperate efforts, the human will stubbornly oppose you.

In this extreme situation, you will have to resort to the punishment of the disobedient being.

Scratching furniture or pruning decorative plants keep them as backup weapons. Unsophisticated humans misinterpret these activities. They will try to discipline you instead of correcting them.

In these modes of punishment brutal alternatives exist subtle, intelligent and equally effective:

  • Use litter during the execution of an important formal dinner, where invited chief human your
  • Watch strongly and disapproving the human you while attempting to address in a romantic way a lady
  • Climb on the audio combo and pretend to go through access caused by a hairpin
  • After the human has watched a horror movie, late at night, hide in the hanger on the hall. When you see him coming, jump in front of him, muttering aggressively
  • As soon as the human has fallen asleep, sit down on his face.

Human rewards

Our world divided into two when it comes to the rules of good manners.

Some cats believe that humans prefer the gifts that have stopped breathing.

Other cats have found that humans love a canary or a hamster that still moves. This is fully demonstrated by the reaction of humans when presented with the gift. They jump up as if they were playing and immediately grab the gift animal.

The recommendation is that cold-blooded animals should be given free of life.

cat and bird

Those with hot blood to present to half-life (canaries, sparrows, neighbor’s pigeons, etc.) When you see the expression on the face of your human you will know that it was worth the effort.

How long do you keep your human?

You forced to support your human for a lifetime. The other 8 are at your disposal.

The recommendation is to try to live with more humans. If you are lucky, find one that deserves to spend your life. Although almost everyone is the same, What can you expect from them! They are just poor human beings.


Leaving the joke aside, I say we need cats in our lives. I started with one. But in time they multiplied. Although I have a family and a daughter, cats have filled my life. I had a professional career but the cats relaxed me. I am now a pensioner and I think with horror what it would be like if I didn’t have cats. How wonderful my life was.

On the other hand, why do cat need us? I extracted some elements of the cat’s behavior and presented them more than a joke. Why? Because cats bring joy to our home. For the little extra work you have to do when you have a cat, the reward is huge.

If you don’t have a cat yet, get a gift for the New Year. And you will save a life if you take it from a shelter.

I would like to hear your opinion on the subject, leaving me a comment. Thanks.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat.



22 Replies to “Why do we need cats and do cats need us?”

  1. Hi, although cats may seem like they are standoffish, that is just how some cats are. Not all cats have the same temperament and personality. People forget that, just like not every human is the same or every dog is the same personality, cats also have their own unique personalities. my favourite way to get a cat’s approval is to feed it its favourite treats and give it an accommodating to live. (Mind you I do not have a cat)

  2. What a wonderful read for this morning, I love cats and as I was reading your article I was smiling as I was picturing the long list of cats that have shared my house with me for many years.

    Cats are wonderful company to humans, and each one of them is unique. I still remember each one of them by their names and by the moments we shared.

    Loved your article as it was a cat talking to other cats about how to catch the attention of their humans, that is unique! Be sure I’ll come back to read more, I think I need to let my cat read your article, but I think I might get in problems as my cat will know more about humans. 

  3. Hello,

    Hahaha, nice article and interesting to read. 

    I grew up in my grandmother’s house, she always had a lot of cats. All these cats came to her farmhouse and never left. Looks like cats chose my grandmother…

    And, now, my daughter lives in a farmhouse and one black cat came from nowhere and stayed. My daughter has one more cat, she came from a neighbor’s house and did not want to go back home. 

    In my knowledge, cats are very smart animals, they know what they want. My daughter’s black cat likes to catch little mice and always bring to the front door. Then look at my daughter and says ( with her eyes ) ” look what I did! Now you need to treat me” 

    Nice, funny to read the post. Thank you, your article makes my day.

  4. This is a great post on cats. Truly, cats are great buddies.

    Cats to me are very important in our lives and can be excellent companions. They can be as much of a best friend as dog can.

    Cats could be as personable, loyal, and dependent as dogs prior to owning one. I always thought of cats as temperamental loners that allows you to pet them from time to time.

    One thing that I’ve learnt about cat is that they can speak with their body. To learn their language, observe the tail, the ears, and the eyes. They really do lots of amazing things like for example, my cat kills hobo spiders, my cat plays fetch with me for hours and sometimes I don’t even have to teach him. And most importantly,it rides on my shoulder everywhere.

    And you’re very right when you said we can educate cat in the way we want, knowing her character. We need cats and they also need us. This indeed brings joy to our home.

    Thank you for this awesome article.

  5. I really like this post a lot!  I have a little cat, and I really do believe that sometimes it thinks like this!  It’s not even 6 months old yet, and yet it is a mischievous little guy!  I will probably be thinking a lot of this, especially when I get stern with it when it climbs on my comupter keyboard.

  6. I enjoyed reading this article, and I burst out laughing when the cat recommends bursting out onto the unsuspecting human after he watched a horror film. I have three cats, and they constantly try to train me too. They got me well trained on feeding times, but I do rebel from time to time, especially when I come home late and tired, and I can’t serve my feline masters immediately 😉

    Cats are great. People who claim not to like cats simply do not know them well enough and don’t know what they are missing.

  7. Hello Carmen. Good to see you share this post on why do we need cats and if cats need us. I have seen a lot of cat lovers online and offline and i have been wondering why they love cat so much. The love for cat is not very strong in my surroundings here in Africa. Your assumptions are really cool anyways.


  8. Great question. Cats are one of kind and definitely have personalities, but they are not for everyone. Interesting to think about a cat filling a void and I could see that being the case for sure. Haha I really appreciate your sense of humor especially with the cats on the computer. It takes patience sometimes to be a cat (or dog) owner. I would have to agree that cat lovers need cats in their lives as they can be great therapy and definitely fill a void. Great post!

  9. Hello. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article.

    In my family we have a cat and I want to say that since this cat is in the family everything is perfect. My mother was the one who decided to buy a cat because she read about them as being an anti-stress benefit. Next year I would like to buy a partner because there are days when I see sadness in her eyes. I think we need to help these pets and provide them with company too. A cat makes us happy and we must make them happy too.

    Thank you again for this post. Wish you a happy new year.

  10. Do we need cats? YES of course we hoomans need cats  in our life, especially cats videos in social media 🙂 Jokes aside, cats are cute and good friends to the humans. While I don’t own a cat, I can see my friends who have ones usually have happier life. They smile and laugh more, and they can cope with their stress by playing with their cats. Thanks for this beautiful post 🙂

  11. Hello Carmen, Thank you for writing on we need a cat and cats need us. I enjoy your article while reading and find very useful for me. You are doing a grate work for cat lovers. Now I understand cats also need us and we need a cat.  We are humans aspire to cleanliness, discretion, patience, precision, dignity, tenderness of the cat. Thank you very much to understanding both side love and care.


  12. Hi Jake

    Thank you for your comment. Indeed, cats are unique and if you know how to behave with them, they can be very loving.

  13. Hi Alejandra

    Thank you for your comment. I, too, have had many cats over the years and lost many of them at one point. However, I fondly remember them (and with a bad opinion). Obviously I didn’t forget their name. I try to evoke them one at a time, on my site.

  14. Thank you for your comment. It is said that the cat chooses you, so I understand why your daughter was chosen by the cats. He is a good and sensitive person. Indeed, cats are particularly intelligent. All you need is patience to know them.

  15. Hi Kell

    Thank you for your comment. People who own cats are happier and less stressed. The cat is a wonderful companion. It is true that you have to do a little extra work, but you will be rewarded.

  16. Hi Jessie

    Thank you for your comment. It doesn’t upset your cat, it is not evil. She only wants attention and love when she climbs on your keyboard.

  17. Hi Christine

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked my post. In general, cats relieve fatigue with their beautiful behavior. Hope your cats have “trained” you lol.

  18. Thank you for your comment. I was in Africa and saw many cats. They were different from ours in form, but very loving. I have some pictures of cats from Africa.

  19. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, cats educate your patience. But their lovers know it is worth it. 

    They are also a good therapy for relaxation, good mood. Cat therapy is also practiced for the sick or the elderly.

  20. Thank you for your comment. In the houses where there are cats, there is more joy in the first place. And children who grow up with a cat are more responsible and empathetic. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  21. Thank you for your comment. A cat in the house is a great joy. Why don’t you try to catch a cat? Especially since you saw that your friends are less stressed and have a happy life.

  22. Hi ParveenThank you for your comment. A cat in your life is distressing you. It fills your heart with joy. Did you know that cat therapy is used for the elderly or the sick?

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