Why my cat refuses to use the litter?

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It is known that from the fourth week of life the cat is very careful where it solves its physiological needs. It is a sacred ritual that has come for thousands of years and has been transmitted instinctively to cats.

It has nothing to do with education. If the litter is in the cat’s reach, it will use it. However, there are situations where my cat refuses to use the litter.

In this post I will consider possible causes why my cat refuses to use the litter.

When you find that the sand is clean and other parts of the house come with odd odors, you have to ask questions about the cat. She has very good reasons to avoid the litter.

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Intimacy plays an essential role in the cat. She is a proud pride, an innate hunter who hides her traces. Thanks to this capacity, he survived for thousands of years. Let’s give him the right to privacy when he focuses on his physiological needs. And the silence that must follow their disappearance.

Make her unseen. If we think a little, we will find the ideal place to place bedding. So, the need for intimidation of the cat solved. Intimacy plays an essential role in the cat. She is a proud pride, an innate hunter who hides her traces.

Thanks to this capacity, he survived for thousands of years. Let’s give him the right to privacy when he focuses on his physiological needs. And the silence that must follow their disappearance. Make her unseen. If we think a little, we will find the ideal place to place bedding.

Dirty rubbish

It is  knows that if we compare the smell with a cat, we have the following result: ours is a stamp, a cat like a handkerchief. The cat is 2 times closer to the source of the smell. The cat wants that whenever he uses the bedding to be clean. Sand to be dry. If these conditions are not met, dig up to find what they are looking for.

Or elsewhere. Neither we nor the cat wants to feel the bad smell of garbage. So we can make someone who does not know it’s a garbage in the room, he does not even know. How? Keeping garbage clean. So the cat will not have any problems.

Changing the type of sand

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Cats do not change their habits very simply. If we change bedding, the cat may refuse to use it. The reasons are: the new sand is of inferior quality, has a tougher texture, smells more unpleasant. It is unpleasant for cats to pass it. Or he does not like to inhale dust

Or her legs irritated when she digs. Or, he was disturbed by the odor of the smell of sand. Before changing the litter type, think about the possibility that your cat will not use it. You better leave the sand he loves.

Tray size

She said bedding is growing with the cat. We have to try several sheets until we find the right size. Small cats do not have to climb to the sand. Big cats should not cause trouble with a small rifle when they are chickens. The big cat can overturn a small rifle, grabbing the contents. Worse, it may have moments of claustrophobia. In conclusion, choose a bed suitable for the size of the cat.

Bedding number

Usually, when we have more cats, we must have a litter for each.


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If we have more cats in the house, there is also a territorial and social hierarchy. It also counts the individuality of each cat. So we have a challenge with the organization of the toilet. I helped each cat’s desire to have a garbage. With patience, regular cleaning and careful observation of cat behavior, we can figure out how we can solve all the problems.

If we have solitary and aggressive cats, it is more than likely to have mild and tolerant cats. If we immediately respond to tensions and arrange personalities that respect space, we will enjoy the existence of cats in our house.

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Moving litter

Many cat lovers, when they have guests, move their bedding from their usual place. Wrong! This gives a sense of confusion and insecurity for our cat. The new place is not necessarily better for the cat. He could interpret this movement as a kind of punishment. Or a personal affront.

The cat associates everything with the surrounding space. If her bed moved, suffers, she does not feel loved. It is a challenge for respect and self-confidence. After all, guests come and go, the cat stays. Let’s not allow some insignificant things to intervene between the cat and us. Let’s leave the bed in his place.

Penalty for cats

If the cat catches in the sand when the cat does not use the bedding or we use it, the cat understands our message as an order. , “Never do here”. And it will follow.

Any possible evil connected to that place. The cat understands only motivational and affectionate language. So he does not punish the cat. Punishment will not have the desired effect. On the contrary.

Invading the Territory

Cats are vulnerable in the following situations: when they sleep, eat, drink water, or go to garbage. I prefer to stay in higher places. From there I can see what’s going on around. It creates a sense of security that it associates with the territory. If they sleep, they will always have an intriguing eye.

If exposed or attacked when cat is cat by a more aggressive cat, he stressed. This stress associated with bedding. In the future, he will avoid it.

Inappropriate place

Garbage should be placed in a place where the cat enjoys little intimacy. A crowded place with many emotions and emotions is not a good choice. But no dark, mysterious, hidden, distant place is a solution. Or a place where you have to look for half an hour.

If the bed is placed in a discreet and accessible place, take a look in its neighborhood. Do not be a source of stress for our girlfriend. Washing machine, dog cushion, dog bowl are not inspired places.

However, any source of noise can become stressful, cat avoiding bedding. He prefers to do his needs elsewhere, alone. So, we need to think about where to put the bed so it does not have to move and meet the cat’s needs.

Health problems

Last but not least, the cat refuses to use bedding for health reasons. This is immediately checked by your veterinarian. The cat may have problems with the urinary tract. These are kidney failure, kidney stone, cold, diabetes. It associates the pain with the place where it does its needs.

By avoiding the bedding, he thinks he will eliminate the suffering. We must urgently take the cat to the veterinarian because his life is in danger if he is not treated properly and on time.

Most problems can be eliminated from the start. When the cat is a chicken, we need to take care of his diet. Let’s take this seriously, do not feed it chaotically. In this way and with our cat we will be pleased.


Usually the cat uses bedding and does not “work” elsewhere. When the cat starts to avoid bedding, we need to find out why. First, we need to eliminate health problems with your veterinarian. Then we need to evaluate the situation and see how the causes I have set out above are being solved.

If you have suggestions for the things you want to find on my site, do not hesitate to tell me. Let me know what you think and if you have any idea, you can suggest in your comments.


I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

18 Replies to “Why my cat refuses to use the litter?”

  1. Awe– this is an interesting read. I am a very new cat owner and found this to be helpful. My boyfriend is amazing at cleaning the litter, but we will be moving into a bus very soon to be full-time travelers and I am hoping that she (the cat, Grace) will adapt to bus life easily. We want to make sure she has enough room and has privacy. 

    What are your thoughts on enclosed litter pans? She has an open litter pan like the one in your post now, but we want to build it so we can open the lid and scoop out the pan– hoping she doesn’t get litter all over the floor.

    Thanks for sharing this,


  2. Your site is very interesting. Being a cat owner myself. I had a beautiful Himalayan who lived for 19 years. I also have a cat who is almost 2 years old. I thought that your site was informative, beautifully laid out. Great information for cat owners and for those who are thinking about getting a cat. Because we all need privacy when we go to the bathroom, cats are no different.  

  3. Wow I had a cat and it had an issue with not using its litter box! I wish this article had been around at that point it most likely was the change in kitty litter!! As always, this was an excellent article with a ton of good information. It’s really interesting about needing to bedding boxes for two cats. I wouldn’t have thought about this but it makes perfect sense. 

  4. Thank you for writing such an informative post about our cat behavior. I always have a problem with my Sno Sno when he gets upset and start peeing on my bed. Never thought that he can have a health a problem as well could make him pee outside of his bedding. I am fortunate to have my Sno Sbo, he is a very smart cat and he this he is a dog so he rarely being mischievous. I will share your post to all my friends who have cats I am sure they can learn a lot from your post.

  5. Ohh myyyy you really know everything about a cat when most people probable don’t know, especially when they start to get the same problems you talked about then they start to worry. Very nice content there an this needs to get into all vet clinics. I don’t think most of them can lay it down like you just Did, GREAT JOB!! Cats always roam 24hrs an they always find different things to do even in a small place they can always adapt to anything. I still know a little about cats but you just showed me alot more about them. Keep up the good work. Nothing but success follows you.

  6. Hello Dianne; so you have been growing cats for many years; I’m glad to hear that; thank you for the appreciations

  7. thanks for the comment Nuttanee, I understand that my post has been helpful since you want to send it to friends who have cats

    all the best for you

  8. Hello Nathan; Thank you for your comment; you probably did’t have multiple cats at the same time; otherwise you’d realize that every cat needs his own litter; thank you for appreciation

  9. hello there

    oh, I do not know everything, not far; but what I have learned in 33 years since cats grow, I want to share with others interested in helping them not make mistakes and prolong the life of their cats through proper care.

    thanks for appreciation, I hope

  10. This is so interesting and makes a lot of sense – thank you for sharing Carmen.
    My boy cats prefer to use the garden and even when I lock them inside (occasionally because of fireworks) they hold it in rather than go in a clean litter tray inside. I separate my boys my from my girl when they’re locked inside because the boys are younger and very playful. They try to play with the girl and she is not interested in their games so it becomes a cat fight.
    Fun and games, haha!

  11. Hi Louise
    In summer my kittens use the garden, but 4-5 months a year I don’t let them out; it’s cold and most are old for now; they have to use litter lol; but I have many litters, having 18 cats; I have an invention and don’t use sand; it would kill me; for at least 12 years I gave up the sand
    than kyou for your comment
    all the best for you

  12. Thanks a lot for this article — I have been thinking a lot lately about my cat’s box. I am curious what you think about self-cleaning litter boxes? My cat really prefers his to be spotless otherwise he doesn’t want to use it, but it’s so hard to keep up with cleaning it everyday. I’ve been thinking a lot about the self-cleaning boxes. 

  13. Hello Ashley; if you have a single cat and is of medium size, the self-cleaning litter is the perfect choice. You have to work once a month for her redeeming.
    best regards Carmen

  14. Wow. You really got me with this article. 

    We have a 6 month old Burmese cat and we have a big problem using the litter. I didn’t know that the sand could make her refuse this space. We used the same sand for her mother and I mean, we never thought that this would be the cause. Now the problem is what sand to use, do you think you can recommend us something?

    Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article. Keep in touch. 

  15. Hi.  There is certainly a lot of information here for litter boxes.  I never would have thought that much about it.  You have provided much food for thought.  I had never had a problem with my cat going to a litter box, but I can certainly see problems with multiple cats.  

    I absolute love the Designer Catbox Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure in Black.  What a sharp looking litter box.  My biggest complaint about our litter box, is it is hard to hide from visitors.  You can’t just shut it away, but this is the coolest.  Nobody would even know it was a litter box.  Great solution!

    Thanks for this interesting article, it has helped me in my decision for the next litter box.


  16. Thank you for your comment. Although they have a lot of sand brands, I would recommend one that looks more like the earth. Clay based linen. Cats really like the smell of the earth.

  17. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked the article and found something that interests you.

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