Your cat is an expert?


Today I’m proposing a small test to measure some of your cat’s auditive and visual capabilities. To find out if your cat is an expert. The test did not designed by me. I found it in a specialist magazine. But I liked it very much and I want to share it with you.

From a scientific point of view, the test is not absolutely accurate. But if you do, I assure you that you will be amused. It was quantified on a sample of 65 cats. So let’s find out if your cat is an expert.


The cat is a very good observer and learns everything quickly. There are cats that can open the door or window. Others manage to turn off or turn on the light. They watch how people do these things every day.

Cats are very good strategists to capture a spoil. There are cats carrying bread crumbs in the garden to attract the birds. Then they hide until the moment becomes optimal for the attack.
Cats are smart.

Test – your cat is an expert?

Choose one answer for each question.

1. When you talk to them, your cat:

a) Believe that you address them

b) Play with the thread or the device

c) You do not talk to her and look at you as if he were saying “do not talk”

d) Has no reaction

2. Your cat is in front of the TV when flying birds are on the screen. Or other cats. Then she:


watch TV

a) Do not react

b) falls asleep

c) Study the screen well, wanting to find out where they went

d) Try to attack

3. How does your cat calculate the distance when it wants to jump on the window or on the table?

a) He is very able, never fails

b) Generally, the figure succeeds, char sometimes if it is wrongly calculated

c) You do not know, because your cat does not bother to jump in high places

4. How does the cat behave when you go to the vet?

on vet

a) Gets a lot of understanding: only when he hears the word “veterinarian” and he stirs

b) She is scared and saddened as she recognizes the medical cabinet

c) Appears disturbed and embarrassed, but she is not scared

d) Becomes aggressive as soon as the vet appears

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5. If your cat is near a door or a window and hears outside a strange noise, probably

a) He will try to get out, to find out where the noise comes from

b) It will remain in place, but its attention will be captured by the noise

c) Take a few steps in the direction of the door or window

d) Fear and run away, trying to hide


6. When a stranger comes to your home, the cat

a) Will adopt defensive or hostile behavior

b) He will receive the visitor with enthusiasm, hoping he will be dressed

c) Will look ugly to strangers

d) Wear friendly

7. If your cat gets food next to another cat, she

a) He will ignore the other and eat his own portion


b) He will go to the saucer of the other and try to eat as much as possible

c) Besides the fact that he will take control of the other’s saucer, he will guard his eyes and his own, so that the other does not eat

d) Will not eat in the presence of another cat

8. How does the cat announce that she wants to go beyond the closed door

a) Scratch the floor easily

b) Place in front of the door and the meadow

c) Can only open the majority of doors

d) Sit in silence in front of the door, waiting for it to open like a miracle

9. When do you play with the cat, how long, on average, is it careful?


a) Less than 5 second

b) Up to 10 seconds
c) Approximately 30 seconds
d) Until he thinks he has defeated the game or until you give up

10. What your cat does with curtains or other suspended objects in the house
a) Attack them
b) Playing with them
c) Link them to knots
d) Ignore them


1. a = 3 b = 2 c = 4 d = 1

2. a = 2 b = 1 c = 4 d = 3

3. a = 3 b = 2 c = 1

4. a = 4 b = 2 c = 1 d = 3

5. a = 4 b = 3 c = 2 d = 1

6. a = 3 b = 2 c = 1 d = 3

7. a = 2 b = 3 c = 4 d = 1

8. a = 2 b = 3 c = 4 d = 1

9. a = 1 b = 2 c = 3 d = 4

10. a = 3 b = 2 c = 4 d = 1


10-11 cheerful ignorant

12-17 sometimes quite smart

18-24 average intelligence

25-30 intelligence above average

31-37 expert

38-39 possibly more talented than you

I have many cats

Okay, you got the test result for your cat. Do not rush, but make a hasty decision.

I have many cats. Each in its own way is unique. You can see here, or here, or here. There are just a few examples.

Reported to the test, some excel in a few ways. Other cats excel in other respects. Cats, however, are very smart animals and amaze you every day. The basic condition is to respect their will and especially to love them. Take care of them properly. To respect their biorhythm. They will reward you and love you unconditionally.


It’s just a test. More joking, more seriously, some answers may be relevant to your cat. As I have already said, from a scientific point of view, it is not an absolutely accurate test. But it gives you a guideline about your cat. And obviously, you were amused.

On the tested sample, the following results were checked:

97% cheerful ignorant

73% sometimes quite smart

50% medium intelligence

35% intelligence above average

22% expert

3% more talented than lol owners

Leave me a comment and tell me what you got.

I’m a big cat loving, since the young baby.   My mother was great loving cats, grandmother as well.   My daughter is coming to the end. My daughter loves cats so much that she makes a second faculty: veterinary medicine.   Four generations, what do you think?

You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat

18 Replies to “Your cat is an expert?”

  1. My bestfriend is a cat lover and I’m the opposite one. I prefer dogs but I do spend sometime with his cat especially when I go to his place. Furla, as we call it would jump at your back when you are lying with on your back and then would just pace back and forth as if massaging you

    She is treated nicely at home and sometimes I feel that she is a spoiled brat but very disciplined. Indon’t know maybe it’s just on my head. Whenever we eat, she won’t ask or wait for food just like other cats would do. She’ll just wait patiently on the couch until you call her for meal. This is a fun article. I’m gonna show it to my friends!

  2. Hello Missus

    Thank you for your comment; so it was meant to be, a funny but also informative article


  3. What a great article “is your cat an expert”? I didn’t know that there where test like that. Testing your cat like this is fun. Do you use intelligent toys for your cat? And do they enjoy it?
    I know nothing about cats only that they are stubborn;)

    Good luck with your cats

  4. Hello Peeters

    Thank you for your comment. Cats are not stubborn, they only have a lot of personality and are independent. If you really know them, they are adorable.

    Yes, I use toys with my cats and they enjoy when playing.


  5. Hello Carmen!

    I enjoyed your questionnaire very much! So much fun!

    My cat is definitely an expert. Well, the questionnaire gave another result, and I won’t say what it was because I don’t want anyone to feel vexed in the slightest, but as you put it very well, it’s just a questionnaire and it won’t change anything to the very basic reality that my cat is a super expert!

    I think though that I will make him try the whole questionnaire in a “scientific” manner, rather than me answering the questions from my memories, and then hopefully the true result will come out 😉

    Cheers, Phil

  6. Hi Carmen

    Love a good quiz, sadly my cats didn’t rank too well on this test, one of them is overly friendly and the other is just lazy and gets annoyed with the one showing it too much affection. Strangely the lazy one is a very good mouser, I think he just lulls them into a false sense of security by lying around all day.

    Like you say they all have their own personalities. Thanks for the quiz but my cats are not experts 🙂

  7. Yeah cats are to smart sometimes, loved the video. But also hated the video lol, one of the 3 cats we have keeps opening the laundry door.  Has a lever handle like the one in the video.  Sometimes it even manages to trap the other 2 cats inside then goes out just in time to then have the whole house to itself.  We probably try change the handle to a round handle but not even sure that will stop this clever cat.

  8. Good afternoon Carmen,

    I read on your About me, 4 generations loving cats. Well, here it is similar and I am a big cat fan too. I live on an organic farm in the south of Spain so there is a lot of space. Last year summer, old Missu died. She came walking in 1995, she was still a baby. 

    The test you offer in your post is really cute. In my case, I cannot do it as my cats spend most of their time outside. But being the big cat lover I am I have to tell you that my cats are of course the most intelligent cats in the world.

    Thank you for this nice read.

    Regards, Taetske 

  9. Cats I have found to be very smart creatures,they are extremely good hunters,and will hide, and stalk birds in the garden,even jumping into the air to catch them,but I have never seen them, taking bread into the garden as bait.

    Most cats are inquisitive about strangers,and will approach them in your lounge,to be petted, unless they have had a bad experience,when they will hide under the furniture,or exhibit an aggressive attitude,hissing or snarling, when approached.

    On food issues, usually the alpha male will take over the food bowl first,and only after they have finished,allow the others to eat,unless the others are very hungry, when they may challenge the leader,and a confrontation may take place.

    When playing with a cat, I usually make a toy from string, with a piece if paper or cloth tied to the end,then trail it along the floor,mimicking a mouse,the cat then stalks and catches it,or you lift it into the air,when it will jump after it,this can keep the cat amused for a long time.

    If you don’t provide a scratching post for the cats to sharpen their claws,they often will use the legs of the sofa or table, and this can damage the furniture quite badly.

  10. Hello Phil

    Thank you for your comment; the test is more for fun; any cat is an expert; each one thinks his cat is the most beautiful in the world and so is it.

    best regards


  11. Hello Dominic

    The test is more for fun. Do not tell your cats that they are not experts. All cats are expert in their own way. I mentioned in the post that this test does not have scientific value. Thank you for your comment.

    best regards


  12. Hello Sam

    Cats have strong personality. Even if you change the key, the cat will find a way to open the doors. The solution is to lock the doors. That’s what I do in rooms where I do not want cats to enter. Thank you for your comment

    best regards


  13. Hello Taetske 

    Thank you for your comment. In the summer my cats are also out, but in the winter they stay in the house.
    I’m sorry for Missu, I know what it means. Of course your cats are the smartest cats in the world. Like my own lol. The test is more fun, has no scientific basis.

    Taetske best regards


  14. Hello Robert

    Thank you for your comment. After losing the alpha man, no other cat wanted to take his place. All my cats eat at will and when they are in the mood, they are not bothered by anyone.
    I was playing with a cat in the evening with a flashlight. He did not get bored with the game. But I lost that cat.

    best regards


  15. Thanks again for another great cat article. It is my second time visiting your website and I am really enjoying it. I noticed on the bottom you have a thing that gives an estimated reading time and you can click left or right to know what the next article is. Did you just add that? I didn’t notice it the last time but it is a really cool thing.

    I appreciate the cat videos you include. I have never seen cats opening doors like that. Yeah I think cats are definitely smart.

    Thanks again. I like your website and I will keep coming back.

  16. Hi 

    What a fun quiz for both humans and cats, which probably tell me about the cat owner than the cat itself. We all know that each cat is an individual, some are intelligent and others not so much so. The fun of being a cat owner is learning and enjoying the company of your cat.

    Thank you for writing this interesting article.


  17. Thanks for comment and appreciation Charles; more I added the lower bar with the reading time, you may not have noticed – until now.

    Certainly cats are smart, they have the brain similar to ours, unlike dogs.

    best regards

  18. Thanks for the comment Antonio. I wrote the article for fun. In fact, my site is serious. I offer helpful tips for cat lovers. I present cat breeds and write stories about my cats.

    best regards

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