Your cat’s trousseau


This post is for cat-lovers who haven’t got a cat but are considering getting  one.

So I’ll write about your cat’s trousseau.

All brides are beautiful. But for this they need a trousseau.

All the cats are beautiful.  But to be beautiful, they also need certain things.

I called them  “trousseau” to point out that the beauty of cats also depends on these necessary things.

Ideally, they should be purchased before you bring the animal home.

Ideas to make your work easier

I want to spare you unnecessary expenses. Give yourself the satisfaction of offering a comfortable life to your favorite animal.

So your cat’s trousseau contains some essential  things to make your cat’s life comfortable.


First Shopping

If you want your cat to be happy you have to take care of her needs.

The cat eats. You have to take two bowls: one for food and one for water. Food bowls should be simple, without ornaments. The best ones are those with rubber edges that do not overturn easily and do not move. The kitten needs to have fresh water at all times. Many cats do not drink too much water just because it is not fresh.


You must keep them permanently clean.

If you have money and you want to pamper your cat, you can buy a fountain where the water is constantly flowing. Cats love running water.the well

After a while, the cat has to do his necessities. Buy the litter litter

este a very important issue. The kitten can only go out after being vaccinated. Until then, he needs his litter. When choosing it, consider the size of the kitten and the fact that it will grow rapidly. He will have to fit in the litter and when he is ripe. Do not buy a litter that has high walls because the kitten may not be able to climb its wall.

Bedding is just as important as litter.bedding

It is important to keep the litter clean because otherwise, the kitten will refuse to use the litter.

It is also necessary a shovel to remove the solidified bedding.sholvel

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The carrier and the crib

To carry the kitten, without disturbing anyone and without causing any discomfort to the animal, a specific object is required: the carrier. Not all models are indicated. Some models are split in half and can also be used as a kennel bed. Thus, the kitten will get used to the carrier, sleeping in it. When you have to carry it, do not run to hide from his sight. It can be taken to the veterinarian or to another place where he does not like it.

There are also indicated models, those of plastic. They are very light and clean quickly. The positioning of the hatch is also important. For example: if the hatch is above it is easier to remove or insert the kitten. On the other hand, the models that have the opening in front, have a system easier to detach their upper half.carrier

The inside of the conveyor can be arranged according to your preference. You can put artificial fur or textile material.

Don’t get excited about the wicker conveyors. They are really cute, but they break very quickly and are difficult to clean. They remain impregnated with fat.

If you do not buy a conveyor that also makes a bed, in the market, there are sophisticated models of cat beds. From the shapes of phones or cars to the delightful forms of fluffy blankets. With ornaments or in the form of an igloo.bed

But your cat will prefer to sleep with you if you love her and allow her.

Other necessary shopping

If you have a long-haired kitten, you must start brushing it from day one. Even, if you do not consider this an emergency. The brush, in this case, is a vital necessity.

Get used to your kitten being brushed from an early age. Thus, this will become a pleasant experience for both you and him. Especially during periods of mating, in spring and autumn, the cat must be brushed. Cats kept only in the house do not appear during the whole year.

Normal brushes tend to rip the knots in the fur of the kitten. Better to buy a fine-tooth comb or a special brush.brush

When brushing, it is advisable to inspect the skin of the kitten for any signs of illness.

You can also buy gloves.  glovesCats love to be handled with it.

Cats from the same family wash each other and thus create an emotional bond.

I have many cats, they wash each other even if they are not from the same family. The affective connection is obvious.

The cat has claws. I wrote about them. See here.

To keep them in good shape, you must arrange a place where the cat sharpening its claws. By scratching a rough surface, cats remove their nail layer from the surface and reveal a new nail, hidden underneath. For this reason, it is not recommended cutting nails in cats.

There are different models of sisal in commerce, from flat surfaces to furniture for cats, so-called sisal. On the sisal the cat can do acrobatics, thus maintaining  self in good physical form.sisal

If, however, you want to cut your cat’s nails, first go to the vet to see how it is done correctly. Buy a special tongs for this operation.


Many of the toys and places set up for sharpening nails are impregnated with “mat grass”, an extremely attractive plant for cats.

Cat breeders pamper their pets. She is happy to see them cheerful, playful and lively. That is why they are in a perpetual search for fun objects for their little cats. So you can buy various toys, from the most naughty. From multicolored natural fur mouse, polyurethane  balls, to plastic balloons with bells, etc. Just be careful what you offer the cat to play. You don’t have to allow the kitten to lick the toy or swallow the wool.

The collar is not necessary if the kitten is kept only in the house. But if you start an adventure outside the home, it becomes essential.


You can also use a harness, being safer and more comfortable for the kitten.

The collar must be provided with a piece of elastic and a quick release system. When you put the collar, check that it is not too wide, do not lose the kitten. But not too tight – just to allow the insertion of two fingers under it.


Last but not least, you need to think about the health of your cat.

Most cats spend most of their time licking their fur. The need to lick the fur is generated by the following reasons: to clean, by wetting the hair, to relax, if stressed or excited or to remove the dead strands from the fur.

With a very harsh tongue, the cat gets to collect a lot of dead yarn from the fur. Then swallow them.

To avoid digestive problems, constipation or diarrhea, we must first buy food that aims to decrease the possibilities of the formation of hair gems and the elimination of those formed.

Apartment cats are more exposed because they have no way to eat grass. The consumption of grass in cats is a way to stimulate the digestive elimination of fur hawks.

That is why we need to buy a special bowl and seeds of grass.

grass and kitti

They grow very fast. The seeds I buy from Zooplus grow in 10 days, after which I give the cats to eat it.


If you love cats and are thinking of adopting one, you must do some shopping in advance. These are done only once, except for food and grass.

Thus, your cat’s trousseau will include:

  • 2 bowls, one for food, one for water; possibly a fountain
  • Litter, bed linen and a shovel
  • Transporter and possibly a crib
  • Brush, sisal, special nail clippers
  • collar, harness
  • Food which aims to decrease the possibilities of formation of the hair gems as well as the elimination of those formed and Grass.

All purchases can be made from zooplus in your country, by consulting the country-specific banner. You can also check other banners on the right side of the post, for shopping.

zooplus has very good prices and quality products. Every month they have promotions. I make purchases for cats from Zooplus.

If you liked my post, I would be happy to leave a comment describing your experience.

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You can now learn to communicate directly with your cat



24 Replies to “Your cat’s trousseau”

  1. My son has been at me to bring a kitten into our home and I’m finally ready to give in. Our family once included several cats but that was many years ago when the selection of beds, bowls, and even litter was not as large as it is today. It can get confusing knowing which style and brand is best with such a large variety to choose from. 

    Your article has helped me make these decisions, thanks so much! As a side note – I was not aware cat brushes actually came in the form of a glove now! My old cat ‘Teddy’ would have love these! He wasn’t to fond of the brush (he was long haired and knotted often) but he always enjoyed being pet. Gloves would have made my life much easier back then!

  2. This is the first time I learned that cats needed to eat grass cause it really helps them eliminate hair germs. It can really be quite expensive to purchase all these items but it’s a necessity for our little felines. It’ great to have everything prepared to give them the most comfortable stay. I also read few articles about tech toys for cats which kinda serves a training gadget for them. It’s very useful especially if we have to leave them in the house for long hours. Toys like that can make them busy and curious. Once again, you delivered informative and helpful blog for cat lovers, especially with those who are planning to adopt one. Thanks!

  3. Wow. I am glad that I’m Reading this review. I have loved cats from my childhood but I didn’t have the time and attention to care for them. But I think I need to get one now that I have the time and the right guide. I have been thinking of the necessary things I would be needing to welcome my kitten. Thanks for taking your precious time to carefully list all this key things which I cant wait to get. Thanks for this great piece.

  4. Very good-looking site! Your article was also simple but very informative. I hadn’t a cat before met my wife and nowadays I am starting to be a cat lover, eventually more and more. Cats are your best friends and make you a better mood, no matter when, where or if you have some sort of stressful situations in your life. Its called Misu and its mixed breed or how it should be called as? However, thanks for sharing this, I will take on a look at those scratching trees. Our current is almost broken.

  5. This article about a cat’s trousseau is very useful, because there is a little guy in my family, there is no cat, but your post still gives me some knowledge about preparing cats. I have a good friend who has raised two cats in his family. I think your article will be very much liked, I will share it with him.

  6. Thank you for your comment Shan. I am glad that my post helped you in making a decision.

    Allthe best to you

  7. Thanks for the comment and appreciation Missus. 

    In fact, cats also need grass, but there is now a special grass for cats, which they eat with pleasure.

    All the best to you


  8. Thank you for your comment. I hope to adopt a cat soon. It will change your life for the better.

    All the best to you

  9. Thank you for your comment . You’re right, besides being your best friend, the cat is distressing you, and if you have a health problem, it definitely helps.

    All the best to you


  10. Thanks for the comment and for sharing with your friend. You never know all about cats lol.

    All the best for you

  11. Thank you. These are great ways to help make your cat or kitten more comfortable. Also thank you for the great happy cats video. Thanks for your expertise on how to do the kitty litter. This will help the beginners to know that it is important to give them kitty litter and also to clean the kitty litter or else they won’t use it. Great article and I will definitely purchase all my cat supplies through your website. Have a good day!

  12. Wow! I never thought that I would need to do these much shopping for adopting a cat. Wow! This list is very massive and I must say that it includes quite a lot of things that I never considered that it could such as the brush. Well, it feels good to though atleast I know the necessary things that I must get before bringing him home. Thanks so Mich for this and I will surely check the zooplus maybe tomorrow since today is Sunday. Thanks so much

  13. This is great information for those who are considering getting a cat. I really like the idea of the cat’s trousseau. It’s important to keep your cat happy for sure. Good advice to get bowls with rubber so they are less likely to spill. It can be frustrating when the bowl spills. A cat box and carrier are also kitty staples. I’m glad you mentioned the carrier because this can often be forgotten. I love the cat chair! It looks very comfortable and sleek too. This is a really comprehensive list that even includes grass, wow excellent. I have some friends who have mentioned that they would like a cat, so I am passing your post along to them for consideration, well done!

  14. Thank you for your comment. I have a lot of experience in breeding cats but I am still learning. This topic is inexhaustible

    All the best for you.

  15. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found out what you need to have next to a cat; they are absolutely necessary things.

    All the best for you.

  16. Thank you for your comment. Maybe in time you will also adopt a cat taking your friends model.

    All the best for you.

  17. Thank you for learning something new about cats. I did not know that cats like to eat grass. I will start to put the seed of travel in the country to grow and give my cat. This will help her. My cat after eating and going to the toilet likes to walk outside the house to have her stomach digested quickly.

  18. Hey, Your guide is very helpful for me and it also changed my thought process about cat. We have a little family. Now after reading your article we are planning to gave a cat. We must purchase some useful products before adopting a cat. I found your useful suggestion and I will follow while buying products for my coming cat. Your are really doing an awesome work.

  19. Everybody please. Pay attention to this recommendation.

    In my personal experience not being prepared when you receive a new member of your family carries a lot of bad taste and discomfort.

    July (The one kitty of my life) was not picked by me, she actually picked me. I was coming back home from a really bad day. Who was my girlfriend by those days broke the relationship right after the most stressful working day of my entire life. When I opened the door, I saw a quick little kitty to come in from blue. It was instant real love.


    > I served her foot in a plate (then it was normal to her going up the table to get served)

    > She took the bad habit of making her needs under my bed (it took me 8 months to make quit that)

    > She damaged my furniture

    > … And learned how to drink water from the toilet.

    Avoid one Thausand headaches and get prepared before getting a new love in your home.

  20. Wow this is very helpful for cat owner wannabe like me 🙂 I’ve been preparing to adopt a cat from my cousin, so I’e tried to buy some of their basic needs, including toys. I just learned that cats also need to feed grass from your post too. Thank you very much for this important information. Oh yes, can you recommend what type of vaccine should we give for newborn kitten? Thanks

  21. Thank you for your comment. Grass seeds for cats are found in the profile stores. But they also eat grass. Grass helps digestion.

  22. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you found my article on time. Your cat will be happy if you prepare in advance.

  23. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry for your experience, but in the end everything was settled. In general, cats choose us. I’m glad you liked my article.

  24. Thank you for your comment. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t recommend a type of vaccine. You will have to go to the doctor and he will give you the vaccination scheme. Deworming is absolutely necessary before vaccines are given. The first internal deworming in cats can be done at the age of 4-5 weeks and is repeated several times a year (eg once every 3 months) and before each dose of vaccine.

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